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Turnover Everything Back to God and Become Blissful (May 1, 2008)

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    ... 1st May, 2008, Thursday Baisakh Krishna Ekadashi, Vikram Samvat 2065, Guruvar (continued from April 30, 2008) There is Staying and there is Flowing .
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      :Shree Hari:

      1st May, 2008, Thursday
      Baisakh Krishna Ekadashi, Vikram Samvat 2065, Guruvar

      (continued from April 30, 2008)

      There is "Staying" and there is "Flowing". Flowing is this body and this world, and staying is Supreme Consciousness (God). Activities are constantly coming to an end, but yoga is ever attained. We do not give it importance. We do not give it significance. We continue to engage in accumulation of wealth, of gaining more possessions. more name, more fame etc.

      Knowlege is to know that the essense of God is ever present (IS). This is everyone's experience. There is not anyone that has not experienced this. Follow the advice of the saints and the scriptures. Do righteous actions. Now what is the worry ? The root cause of sorrow is ignorance, and the cause of ignorance is not understanding things as they are. God IS. The first thing that you see is the light. The only reason you can see everything else is because of the light. The light of all lights is God. "Na tad bhaasayate suryo, na shashaanko ne paavakah. Yed gatvaa na nivartante, tad dgaam param mama" (Gita 15:6). "Neither doth the sun illuminate That (Eternal Goal), nor the moon, nor the fire; having gone their, they (who reach there) return not; that is My Supreme Abode." (Gita 15:6)

      Arjuna asks who are You ? and God said " I am kaal" "I am Time". Time is responsible for the destruction of all. But he who realizes God, can even win over Kaal (Time). Time devours everything. That which is going away, simply remember it. You know this is Ganga ji, this is Gita Bhawan, similiar this is the world that is ever changing. Everything is changing. Mind, feelings, beliefs, this world. The only One that has not changed is God. Realizing that which is changing is also yog, and realizing that which is unchanging (God) is also yog. By realizng either one, one can attain salvation.

      Therefore Govinda, You take away what is Yours. When the child gives the father's keys back to the father, the father is thrilled. Similarly give what is God's back to God and God will be thrilled. There are many fruits in the market. Even if we have the inner feeling (bhava) that God these are all Yours and I offer them all to You, is a wonderful expression. Like, when we take Gangaji's water, and offer it back to Gangaji as puja (prayer and worship). Offer flowers, offer sandal wood paste to God, Offer to Him, all that which belongs to Him, back to Him, and remain ever blissful.

      From Discourse in Hindi by Swami Ramsukhdasji - July 25, 2003 at 5:00 am.

      Ram Ram

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