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There is No Doership, Nor Enjoyership in the Self (Mar 31, 2008)

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    ... 31st March, 2008, Monday Chaitra Krishna Dashami, Vikram Samvat 2064, Somvar The truth is that there is no doership, nor enjoyership in us (Self). This is
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      :Shree Hari:

      31st March, 2008, Monday
      Chaitra Krishna Dashami, Vikram Samvat 2064, Somvar

      The truth is that there is no doership, nor enjoyership in us (Self). This is absolutely true. I had told you yesterday, that you are only Existence. Simply pure conscious existence. In this conscious existence, there is no doership, nor enjoyership. It simply is not there. "Ahamkaar vimoodhaatma kartaaha miti manyate." Becoming attracted and attached due to egoism, the one with the inner faculty (antahkarna) begins to believe himself to be doer and enjoyer. You are not a doer, nor an enjoyer. It is only activity that is happening. You are beyond all qualities and characteristics. "Sharirasthopi kaunteye, na karoti, ne lipyate." This is clearly stated in Gita 13:31. You are not a doer or enjoyer. You are not, not, not. I said you are pure Self. God says that he who witnesses the things happening, is not the doer, and he realizes my inner sentiments and expressions. Therefore all of you, young - old, brothers - sisters, small - big, please kindly have
      mercy and accept this point. Simply accept it. Only once with a true and simple heart, accept it. Then all work will be completed. With ease and with firm determination accept just once.

      This is not about practice. It is only about acceptance that - I am neither a doer nor an enjoyer. All are free from all bondages. In Gita 4:20 also God says - "naivam kincitkaroti sah" - He does nothing even though fully engaged in action. What a great shloka this is. Also in Gita 18:17 - God says "Yasya naahankrto bhaavo, budhhiryasya na lipyate; hatvaapi sa imaamllokaanna hanti na nibadhyante. " i.e. He, who is free from egoism , whose intellect is not tainted, though he may slay other creatures, he slays not, nor is he bound (by actions). That is the Self. Accept this Self. It is only about acceptance. Acceptane alone.

      All are free from bondages. Simply all. In Gita 13:21, 22, and 23 these are three additional shlokas. I am doing, I am doing is bondage. I do nothing in the least bit, that is freedom. How simple and straightforward this is. Just like fire burns all impurities, similarly the fire of knowledge, burns away all ignorance. That is all there is to it. Simple, straightforward point - there is no doership at all in the Self. Accept this ! there is no easier work in this world than this. Simply acceptance. Acceptance with a firm determination ! Very firmly. Only acceptance.

      From Discourse in Hindi by Swami Ramsukhdasji on May 26, 2004 at 5:00 a.m.

      Ram Ram

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