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Qualities of a Devotee - Fearlessness and Free fo Worries (Nov 1, 2007)

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    ... 1st November, 2007, Thursday Karthik Krishna Saptami, Vikram Samvat 2064, Guruvar After taking refuge in the Almightly God and worrying at the same time -
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      :Shree Hari:

      1st November, 2007, Thursday
      Karthik Krishna Saptami, Vikram Samvat 2064, Guruvar

      After taking refuge in the Almightly God and worrying at the same time - these two points are opposing ; because after having taken refuge in the Lord, what is there to worry? And if you are worrying then what kind of surrendering is that? Therefore, surrendering should be looked upon as when God has said that I will release you from all your sins, then do I have to do anything for me to be free of all natural instincts, behavior, conduct and tendencies ? I am simply yours ! Oh Lord! Let me never have the feeling that these tendencies are mine. Oh Father, let me never see this body, these sense organs, this life breath, this mind, this intellect as mine. But Oh Father! after surrendering everything to you, then too if this body at times appears to be mine; then please release me, save me from this grave mistake. After saying this - become worriless and at peace !

      Another quality of a devotee who has surrendered to God (sharanagat bhakt) is Fearlessness. When one's conduct and behavior is not up to par, then within there is fear, and externally this fear is seen as fear of snake, scorpions, tiger etc. For a devotee who has taken refuge in God, all such fear is wiped out. Not just that, Patanjali the great one who has written about the fear of death as being the fifth in the order of suffering, that is experienced even by great scholars and learned men, that fear also completely is wiped out.

      Also my tendencies will become bad - such fears should also be completely removed from within; because I have become immersed and soaked in God's immense grace, now I have no fear what so ever, of anything at all. It was only due to considering these tendencies as mine, that I was not able to purify them; because considering these to be mine is itself the impurity - "mamta mal jari jaayi." (Manasa 7:117:ka). Therefore from now onwards, at no time will I consider these to be mine. When these natural tendencies, the conduct, the behavior, the habits are not mine at all, then what is the basis of my fear? Now there is only grace and more grace of God ! It is only His grace that is showering and permeating my entire being. This is a very joyous moment, a happy moment.

      From "Sharanagati" in Hindi pg 14 by Swami Ramsukhdasji

      Ram Ram

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