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Have a Firm Determination - Part 1(Oct 1, 2007)

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    ... 1st October, 2007, Monday Ashwin Krishna Panchami, Vikram Samvat 2064, Somvar Question: As long as worldly pleasures do not come in front of us, till
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      :Shree Hari:

      1st October, 2007, Monday
      Ashwin Krishna Panchami, Vikram Samvat 2064, Somvar

      Question: As long as worldly pleasures do not come in front of us, till that time we are firm that we will not get entangled in enjoyment of worldly pleasures. But when we come face to face with such enjoyments, we become weak. What should we do?

      Swamiji: This a a very good question ! The intent that you have of not getting entangled in worldly enjoyments is a very a precious and rare expression or feeling. To detach from the world and to awaken the relationship with the Supreme Consciousness (God) - is true humanity.

      In reality, we cannot attach with the world through a relationship, and our relationship with God (Supreme Consciousness) can never be broken. To become one with the world and to become separated from God is absolutely impossible. We do not have that power to be separated from God. And even though God is all powerful, He does not have that power to separate from us. The truth is that we do not have a relationship with the world and we have a relationship with God. That which is not, separate from it and that which is, awaken it - this is our main work.

      As long as objects don't come in front of our eyes, till that time we are a firm that we will not be entangled in worldly enjoyments - if you have achieved this, then too, it is a moment of great joy ! Having no desire for worldly enjoyments is quite a high state, it is not an ordinary thing. If you have even the slightest desire to leave the world and attain God, then the fruit (outcome) of this will not be temporary, rather it will only be an eternal fruit leading to benediction. "Swalpamapyasya dharmasya traate mahato bhayaat," (Gita 2:40). Even the acquisition of millions and trillions of rupees ($), then too it is nothing compared to this. Even if you become the ruler of the three worlds, then too it does not have the least bit of honor, because these are all temporary.

      When an object comes in front of us and we become moved and disturbed - why is this our state that we think over and over about this and then leave it aside, this has become a bad habit. We listen to satsang, we read books, we contemplate on this that now we follow this path, but then we leave it. Even ordinary things we hold on to and later leave. This habit itself is making us weak. If you had the habit, that once you leave a particular point or view, you leave it for good; if you hold on to some point, then hold on to it forever, then you would not be in this troublesome condition. Forgive me, and please do not be offended; but this definitely is a pathetic condition. With every work you think over what is to be done, but then you do not remain firm on that thought. There are not that many bad qualities in objects, in accumulation of things, as is in our bad habits. As long as there is no determination in you, till that time your involvement in any
      field, will not result in progress. By spoiling your habits, you are incurring immense losses. If you become firm in any one point, then you will be immensely benefited. God is mine, then what ever happens, only God is mine. This world is not mine, and then it is absolutely not mine. (to be continued)

      From "Acche Banoi" in Hindi pg 48 by Swami Ramsukhdasji

      Ram Ram

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