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Everyone Can Attain The Essence (2.4.2006)

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  • Gita Prapann Parivar
    ... Chaitra Shukla Chaturthi, Vikram Samvat 2063, Ravivar 2nd April, 2006, Sunday Ram Ram Gist of the pravachan given by Swami Ramsukhdasji on 27.2.1991 at 5
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      :Shree Hari:

      Chaitra Shukla Chaturthi, Vikram Samvat 2063, Ravivar
      2nd April, 2006, Sunday

      Ram Ram

      Gist of the pravachan given by Swami Ramsukhdasji on 27.2.1991 at 5 a.m:
      There is no doubt in the fact that everyone is entitled to attain God. Why? Because we are a part of God. Then why do we not attain Him? There is lack in our desire to attain Him. We get satisfied by our efforts that we put in. We seek satisfaction in the perishable and that satisfaction clouds our necessity of God. The human life is special only because of this purpose. You do not know when you will get this opportunity again. Utilise it to the fullest and attain God. YOU ARE ALL ENTITLED. There is no doubt. DO NOT EVER BE DISHEARTENED.

      Everyone Can Attain The Essence (God)

      You feel hungry - it means that there is something to satiate that hunger. You feel thirsty - it means there is something to satiate that thirst. It means that food and water exist - else you would not feel hungry or thirsty. Similarly, you feel incomplete - you feel dissatisfied - you feel something lacking - it means that there exists some essence/reality that will remove your incompleteness, your dissatisfaction. That essence/reality is called 'God'. After attaining that reality one does not reckon any gain greater than that and once established in it, he is not shaken by the heaviest of sorrows (Gita 6:22). This is the only verse in the Gita which is the test for aspirants of attainment of the reality.

      There is no incompleteness that remains or can remain after one attains the essence. The aim of human life is to attain God. The importance of human life is only that. You have animals much more capable on all other spheres (strength, speed, hearing, seeing, etc.) but it is only humans who have the intellect to utilise to attain the reality. The speciality of the human life is only this. The reality can be attained by each and every human. All of mankind can attain it. All are entitled and capable to attain it. No individual is entitled or capable to attain all worldly things - but each one is entitled and capable to attain the reality - because we are a part of reality.

      Worldly desire can never be satisfied - you will never experience completeness in the world - as it is ever changing and never complete. But this never changes and is always complete. There is no incompleteness. You all are complete. You are a part of the reality which is complete. The opportunity to attain it is now - in this human life. Attaining the world depends on your capability and circumstances. Attaining this is dependant only on your desire. All you need is a burning desire to attain the reality. Do not get satisfied till you reach the reality. You will positively reach it. It is your right. The incompleteness in you cannot stay. Never feel disappointed in this path. Keep moving and keep increasing your desire.

      You will surely attain it. You are a part of Him (Gita 15:7). If you get satisfied by meagre worldly things, you will get stuck and not attain the reality. Like a greedy man is always wanting more and more wealth and is never satisfied with whatever he has, similarly should your 'greed' to attain the reality be. The perishable can never satisfy the imperishable. Only the complete will satisfy the complete. The world is incomplete - it can never satisfy you.

      Nothing has to be created to be satisfied - it is already within you. You are a part of it. This will be realised - there is no doubt.

      Ram Ram

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