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Only the "Is" Exists (2.1.12006)

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  • Gita Prapann Parivar
    ... Paush Shukla Dwitiya, Vikram Samvat 2062, Somvar 2nd January, 2006, Monday Ram Ram Gist of the pravachan given by Swami Ramsukhdasji on 15.4.1994 at 5 a.m:
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      :Shree Hari:

      Paush Shukla Dwitiya, Vikram Samvat 2062, Somvar
      2nd January, 2006, Monday
      Ram Ram
      Gist of the pravachan given by Swami Ramsukhdasji on 15.4.1994 at 5 a.m:
      What is seen was not and will not be - and even in the present is going towards not being. It has no existence. You are trying to see the IS through the NOT - which is not possible. Be established in the IS - have no concern with the NOT. It is leaving you naturally - you do not have to leave it - just leave the desire for it to stay. What will stay is God. Only He is your own.

      Only the "Is" Exists

      God IS. This is evident. This world, buildings, people, animals - what we call IS, is actually not. What we are seeing was not there in the past and will not be there in the future. What was not there and will not be there is not there. But we see it. You see it, but it is constantly going towards not being. So the non existence of the world is established. The Gita says the unreal has no existence (Gita 2:16). God was and will always be. He can never become not. The Real never ceases to exist (Gita 2:16). So God always exists.

      The work of the saadhak is to renounce the NOT and be established in the IS. We have to renounce what is renouncing us. The body is already leaving us. So do not desire it to stay. Renounce this desire. What IS, is always. What is NOT, is always NOT. Such a simple and important fact. Being established in the IS, is sahajaavastha. The best situation.

      You will study all the scriptures and say Ram in the end - so might as well say it in the beginning - that is all that is required.

      Q. We are seeing 'name' and 'form' and not seeing what IS. How do we accept what is not seen?
      A. What you are seeing, you are seeing from the NOT. You cannot see the IS through the NOT. This is the mistake. You will only see the NOT through the NOT - you cannot see the IS. The Real is experience - you cannot experience the Real. You experience the Unreal only.

      Be indifferent. This is a very good solution. Neither want it to go or stay. No concern. This is the best way to concentrate your mind. Try it and see. Neither attraction nor aversion, neither good nor bad.

      Lord Ram asked Guru Vashisht 'what is the form of Brahma?' He remained silent.

      I say that saadhan is 'karan nirpeksh' and the saadhya is 'karan rahit'. When the karan does not reach the saadhan, what difference does it make whether it is good or bad, clean or dirty. What has to be left or attained - do not think about how they are. By asking 'how' you will get stuck in maaya. God is ours - no concern with 'how' He is. World has to be left - good or bad - no concern. Mother is mine - dark or fair - she is mine. This is devotion - God is mine. There is no one else.

      Ram Ram

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