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Tri-Numerology (or, Cosmic Truths: Collect the Whole Set!)

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  • catherine yronwode
    Here s one for the files; it was posted in alt.magick.marketplace and other usenet newsgroups in the alt.magick* hierarchy. What you cannot see, alas, is the
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      Here's one for the files; it was posted in alt.magick.marketplace and
      other usenet newsgroups in the alt.magick* hierarchy. What you cannot
      see, alas, is the gif that accompanied it, which shows a middle-aged,
      grey-haired man with a mustache wearing a white crusader's robe and
      cloak and holding a fancy gold-hilted crusader-style sword -- sort of
      like a historic re-enacter, except that the cross applique on the robe
      and the cloak lining are bright BRIGHT purple of imaginative fiction
      rather than the muddy red of reality. You can find the image at the web
      site noted in the post.


      Subject: Tri-Numerology, what is it?

      for the answer to this and more in-depth questions go to: 
      I have to say I hate Spam as much as the next person, however this
      message needs to get out, and I believe this is
      the best way to get it known.  I am working for the author, actually
      related to the author, and hope that all
      negative responses are sent to me at gxp2000@... for all other
      positive questions send to
      Most of these books and guides starts with a lot of history, and well
      repeated facts and stories, if that is what you
      need, get some other book but after you convince yourself that there is
      something to this number thing then read
      this book carefully, it will give you the true power of understanding. 
      This Tri-Numerology system works!  Check
      it out for yourself and finally gain the true knowledge from Numbers.
      Our biggest problem as humans is our ability not to understand the wold
      we live in.  This book will give you a guide
      to better understand the world, and how we fit in.  There is a section
      in title of "Tri-Numerology by the hour"  it
      explains that the triad of life is made up of many small triads, one
      setting up for the next, the triads move in order
      and they can not be skip each other, one must follow each course of its
      own action-many times these small triads are
      hard to see, how did, what happen.  This hour, effect the next, and what
      should I do to make the next one as easy
      to deal with as I can.
      My Testimony
      Don't think that I am just pushing this book due to my relations or any
      monetary gain.  trust me there is none.  after
      the cost of printing the selling price gives one to two dollars profit. 
      this book is not written to make money, it was
      written to fill a void in the numerology world.  I have studied
      numerology since I was 14 myself, I have read every
      book there is, and found that the long stories and vague answers were
      very unhelpful.  Tri-Numerology is not
      vague.  it does not offer stories that need to be interpret.  the by
      hour triad is most helpful.  I have planned social
      events, home gatherings, and even my marriage around these triads. 
      since I started observing these triads my life
      seems fuller and more complete.  but remember, bad things will still
      happen.  you may still loose that job, a loved
      one may still die, but there is understanding to help you realize that
      this is the nature way, and there are ways to
      turn these situations into more manageable and workable situations. 
      Ones that lead you to an end that you desire.
      Cost and Ordering info
      If you wish to order based on this message, leave a message at
      maverickwis_ard@... The cost is
      only $15.95.  believe me it is worth it.  this softback 65 page book
      will change your life!  and you do not even need
      any prior knowledge of numerology to understand this book.
      I and the author thank you for your time.


      At the web page itself, we learn the following, and the personal
      material reveals a lot...:



      Here is how it all started.

      This text was written at a time
      where there was a great concern
      of my health.Ý My children
      where still too young to
      understand what their dad was
      up to, and so I sat down to let
      them know.Ý Afterward, at the
      suggestion of friends, this
      writing was put into its present

      After seeing just how it can
      benefit others, there had to be a
      way to get it out so that the help
      it can offer could be used by all.

      What is it?

      Tri-Numerology is a very clear format in the application of Numbers in
      an easily understood way. Letting you know in everyday life what to
      expect, down to the hour! It is not just a rewrite of another format,
      but something much different!Ý It is very direct, no long stories, it is
      useable information and insights to the workings of the numbers and how
      they can modify your life.Ý Tri-Numerology works by identifying four
      elements that determine the outcome of any situation.

      A. The Compulsion for what you do
      B. Interacting with the World
      C. The pattern of your Thinking
      D. The Actions you take

      The format of Tri-Numerology takes this information and applies
      "Words" in a straight forward way giving you a
      meaningful order to life.Ý One that makes sense and one you can apply
      to your daily routine.Ý It breaks down to the year,
      month, day and even to the hour!Ý Revealing to you the true nature of
      the circumstances that create the daily challenges
      you face.

      This system provides you with the ability to understand, control and
      handle these governing factors.Ý In a nutshell, it is a
      guide that helps find the most positive path promising the most
      positive outcome.

      I did not write Tri-Numerology to convince any one of the validity of
      Numerology.Ý Once you read and complete the
      worksheets, the numbers validate themselves.Ý Keep in mind this is an
      interactive format.Ý It is a "Thinking" guide so if
      you are not willing to take some time to really look at what you are
      doing, and be willing to follow the most positive path,
      save your money! Remember, with just a little effort you will gain the
      understanding to enjoy the real depth of your life.

      The numbers are working in our existence whether we interpret them or
      not.Ý So why not at least know what is coming at
      you?Ý Tri-Numerology is the map for your journey, and you can help
      others understand theirs also.Ý Enrich and release
      yourself to a rewarding life


      There was a time when i would have leaped at the chance to own such a
      book -- even knowning (perhaps ESPECIALLY knowing) that it is not a
      universal text but rather one person's sincere attempt to understand our
      chaotic universe by reducing it to a simple, axiomatic cosmos. I used to
      collect such privately printed "cosmic truth" books and smile over them
      -- each one different than the last, all of them equally heartfelt and
      personal and axiomatic. These days i fear to smile too broadly -- i do
      not wish to appear smug, and what if the author subscribes to this very
      e-list? When intersubjectivity becomes the norm, there's not much
      laughter to be had at the expense of the highly odd or strange. But the
      purple on his robe is very, VERY bright, i must say.

      catherine the bibliophile, numerically challenged
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