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[sacredlandscapelist] Re: Byrom collection... and Cabala club?

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  • Mike Bispham
    ... No definitive answers Barry. To tell the truth, I hadn t really given much thought to an actual purpose; beyond feeling that Hancox explanations are, as
    Message 1 of 5 , Feb 24, 2000
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      >late coming in on this.
      >been in a haze lately.
      >went to your site fom a look at these "cards".
      >very interesting.
      >are they proportion guides?
      >what explanation does the author give?

      No definitive answers Barry. To tell the truth, I hadn't really given much
      thought to an actual purpose; beyond feeling that Hancox' explanations are,
      as she admits, inadequate. And right now my copy of the book is on loan,
      and its been a couple of years since I even skimmed it. Hancox reckons
      that some are key diagrams for the layout of specific buildings - the
      Shakesperean Roundhouse Theatre (from memory) being one. I think she's
      probably right. At a guess though, I say they'd also be useful for
      teaching design fundamentals, and as a record and reference of such
      fundamentals of specific buildings. I suppose one has to assume that their
      existence would only be known to initiates, and knowledge of them and their
      purpose would likewise be a craft secret. I probably don't need to add
      that the geometric basis described by the cards are in tune with my
      theories of atomically structured architecture, which, if so, would render
      them dodgy until some date, maybe 17th C. I haven't studied the situation
      re. atomism specifically in regard to England, which although free from
      Roman rule after Henry XIII nevertheless still had its own theologians to
      contend with. I think its reasonably well accepted that the protestant
      countries were able to do a lot more science than those under Rome,
      (following the clampdown at the Council of Trent, and the
      Counter-Reformation), but I think there were still a lot of religious
      constraints, although I don't know the details. I've been hoping for a
      follow-up to The Byrom Collection, which would take the issues further,
      but I've not heard of anything yet. Needs more work, is my view.



      Message text written by INTERNET:sacredlandscapelist@egroups.com
      late coming in on this.
      been in a haze lately.
      went to your site fom a look at these "cards".
      very interesting.
      are they proportion guides?
      what explanation does the author give?

      At 12:19 PM 2/7/00 -0500, you wrote:
      >(The Byrom Collection, by Joy Hancox)
      >I recommend it Vincent. Although Hancox is new to her material, she makes
      >a good effort at elucidating the purpose of some 16/18th C geometrically
      >inscibed cards she found hidden in her house. The books is worth seeing
      >just for the photos of some of these cards. There are a couple of these
      >images at my website http://fupro.com/plat Her book is more or less the
      >story of her investigation, and she is not deeply versed in cabala or
      >enlightenment science, but her achievement is showcasing the wonderful and
      >intriguing find. I'll be glad to discuss them if you get a copy, and if
      >anyone hears of updates or further developments re this subject, I'm very
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