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Constructing The Universe Classroom

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  • Daniel N. Washburn
    Here is an e-mail from Michael Schneider, a contemporary master of sacred geometry. Note his reference to a new book by John Michell toward the end of the
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      Here is an e-mail from Michael Schneider, a contemporary master of
      sacred geometry. Note his reference to a new book by John Michell toward
      the end of the letter.


      Dear Friends,

      I'm very pleased to announce the opening of my Constructing The Universe
      Classroom in San Anselmo, California, about 30 minutes north of San
      Francisco. It's purpose is to offer illustrated talks, classes and
      workshops at the intersection of mathematics, nature, symbolism,
      science, art, culture, philosophy and sacred traditions.

      I've arranged a schedule of classes for adults as well as for youngsters
      which I hope you'll find interesting. I'm offering regular talks on
      Friday evenings, occasional workshops on weekends, and daytime sessions
      for young people. I'm also open to suggestions for class topics. Please
      peruse it all online at

      Do you know any young people bored by their classes, needing to see the
      value of math in the world (or are enjoying math and want more!) or are
      starved for hands-on science and art? For youngsters, I'm offering
      after-school classes as well as sessions for individuals and groups of
      Home Schoolers and UnSchoolers. There's none of the usual "tutoring"
      going on here, only a widening of wonder and hands-on experiences with
      mathematics, nature, science and art. Parents are welcome and encouraged
      to stay and participate.

      For those of you around the world interested in these topics but
      obviously cannot attend, I'm planning to make DVDs of my Friday evening
      talks available. Stay tuned.

      And while I do this I continue teaching mathematics useful to art
      students at the California College of the Arts in San Francisco.

      In the meantime you can always order my six Constructing The Universe
      Activity Books at http://www.constructingtheuniverse.com/Purchase.html

      Thank you to everyone who has written to tell me how these workbooks
      have helped their understanding and creative efforts. And "Keep up the
      great work!" to all the Home Schoolers too!


      For those of you living in or visiting the San Francisco Bay area, the
      classroom's address is

      Constructing The Universe Classes

      255 Sir Francis Drake Blvd.

      San Anselmo, California 94960

      There's plenty of parking!

      It's at the same location where my regular San Anselmo talks were given
      years ago.

      Please email before dropping by.


      In related news...

      Last Saturday, October 10th, 2009 I gave an illustrated presentation of
      my findings concerning geometric composition in ancient Egyptian arts,
      crafts and architecture held at the CPAK Conference in the National
      Academy of Sciences' Beckman Center at UC Irvine, California. It was a
      great experience to have been there meeting many intelligent,
      interesting people and seeing the thought provoking presentations of the
      seven other speakers.

      To purchase the DVD of my talk (as well as of the others) please go to
      the CPAK website

      And two book recommendations:

      For those of you who have appreciated the ideas and writings of the late
      John Michell, his final book (done with Allan Brown) is about to be
      published. It's called "How The World Is Made: The Story Of Creation
      According To Sacred Geometry" (Inner Traditions). It explains (and
      beautifully demonstrates) the unfolding principles of number and
      proportion, and how ancient societies that grasped the timeless
      principles of sacred geometry were able to create flourishing societies.
      I saw this lovely book in galley form last March in London and it's 300
      full-color watercolor illustrations by John (and Allan) are worth the
      price alone. I'm quite excited to see this great work published. See it at:


      Another important new book of note is "Beauty for Truth's Sake: On the
      Re-enchantment of Education" by Stratford Caldecott seen here:


      From it's description:

      "Much of the confusion and meaninglessness of the twenty-first century
      stems from the fragmentation of knowledge. Our postmodern times cry out
      for a return to wholeness. Enter Stratford Caldecott, who calls for
      renewal in education in Beauty for Truth's Sake. By reclaiming the
      classic liberal arts and viewing disciplines such as science and
      mathematics through a poetic lens, the author explains that unity is
      present within diversity. Ultimately, God is behind all truth."

      Numbers, shapes, symbolism, nature, philosophy, religion, history, art
      and true education of the soul. I feel honored to be quoted throughout
      this book.

      And if you can make it to any of my Constructing The Universe Classes,
      please do!

      Thanks, and Best Wishes,

      Michael S. Schneider


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