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UPDATE Re : MANIFESTATION Meditation Frequencies, Downloads

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  • Donal Adams
    Thanks to everyone who downloaded and experimented with the frequency sound tracks. Many requested that I centralize all the usage information and the audio
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 14, 2009
      Thanks to everyone who downloaded and experimented with the frequency sound tracks. Many requested that I centralize all the usage information
      and the audio tracks and asked for more of these. I've placed all this as requested on a single page, details can be found in the research forum ;

      > MANIFESTATION Meditation Frequencies, Downloads
      > I wanted to share this information with the group here in the hopes
      that some members may have an interest in participating in an exotic,
      experimental research project.
      > I'm the lead researcher for this initiative.
      > Our experimental group of approximately 1300 volunteers have been
      witness to, in the last week, some really unusual and intense
      phenomena playing out.... bordering on the concretely paranormal.
      > I released new 'frequency' protoypes this last week that our group
      tested, the results have been staggering.
      > I call these new prototypes the 'Manifestation Meditation' series.
      > Data collected on reaction responses to the first two frequencies
      of this series released, have been over the top favourable.....
      > We are finding that actual 'things' are happening, when these
      frequencies are simply played. Very noticeable and dramatic effects
      and changes in the body, mind and environment - unlike anything
      induced by any other sound.
      > What we need right now however, are more volunteers who are willing
      to test out our other frequencies and keep a log of their findings
      and report their observations to our group. There is no cost
      required for testing frequencies, the primary benefit to my group and
      I is the collection of data.... the benefit to you, well... once you
      see what we are engaged in
      > I think you will be more than satisfied with the experience.....
      > Two things important here, one is to share with you the
      observations of our group in their process of discovery in relation
      to the Manifestation Meditation series - the thought being, that you
      are likely to not only find this intrinsically interesting and
      newsworthy but also inspiring. The second is to provide you with a
      means of facilitating your own journey through this phenomena in the
      hopes you can share your own unique findings with us.
      > Feel free to view a recent post on our research forum that details
      how to access this information and also various frequency tracks you
      can download.
      > http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/the_sound_of_stars/message/6852
      > I also wanted to share with you a bit more on who I am and what
      this is all about. Following is a letter I sent off to other
      volunteer candidates for their reference, I hope this helps to shed
      more light on all this for you.
      > "I'm a scientific researcher developing acoustic frequencies
      that contain geometric representations of different states of
      consciousness that when listened to tend to entrain the mind and body
      rapidly and dramatically into specific desired states.
      > This project has spanned the last 7 years, I have a test group of
      approximately 1350 volunteers. Results to date of exposure to these
      frequencies encompass dramatic phenomena related to regeneration,
      healing, well being..
      > Over the course of roughly the last year, the focus has been on
      addressing general and specific areas of mind and body debilitation,
      with the hoped for target in mind of increasing overall wellness.
      > You can review volunteer reports of effects of these frequencies at
      > http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/the_sound_of_stars/
      > What I¢m looking for is volunteers willing to test them and to
      report any and all effects observed as this will greatly
      support research and development.
      > I'd be happy to provide more information on this and provide anyone
      the samples of these audio frequencies to experiment with if their
      > If you are interested and willing to participate in this please
      email me direct if you wish at
      > ascend@...
      > If you would like to get access to these frequencies. They are in
      the form of MP3 files and can be easily played on your computer and
      you can burn them to CD and play them on your car stereo or
      whatever. I would appreciate any feedback and observations that you
      > have if you use them as that is helpful to me in my research.
      > Looking forward to out mutual future discussions!
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