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  • Daniel N. Washburn
    Announcing a new Sacred Sites DVD. Greetings from Martin Gray and SacredSites.com I hope all is well with you and that the world s current economic situation
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      Announcing a new Sacred Sites DVD.

      Greetings from Martin Gray and SacredSites.com

      I hope all is well with you and that the world’s current economic situation is not too great a problem in your life. I read extensively about global events - economics, politics and the environment – and I believe our planet is in for some difficult times in the coming years. So the question is: what shall we do in our own lives in order to weather this storm?

      Ultimately the answer is that we should know who and what we really are. At the core of our beings we are perfect, we are untouched by any strife, we are free.

      No matter what is happening in our own affairs or those of the larger world we should endlessly seek to cultivate within our selves a deeper awareness of the essence of life, the source of our being, the reason for our existence. While each of us may be involved in a variety of actions – thinking, speaking, working, eating – we must understand that there is a deeper part of us that is untouched by any difficulties we perceive and encounter. Peace does truly lie within us. It does not need to be developed because it is already perfectly developed within us. It only needs to be discovered.

      We are not men or women, we are not young or old, we are not white or colored, we are not rich or poor. We are spirit. We are ageless. We are infinite and perfect. Yet the world does not tell us this, the newspapers do not write of this, the schools do not teach it. We must know it ourselves. We must remember it with each passing moment.

      And this is really quite easy to do. Try it right now. Shut your eyes for just a moment, take a few deep breaths, relax your shoulders and stomach and face, and be completely present with the big YOU within the small you of your personality. You are that big you. Call off the search. Reside in your natural, awakened state of being. Be, here, now.

      Yes, it is true that it is sometimes difficult to maintain this state of awareness with each passing moment. Therefore ‘plug’ your self into that state several times each day. Remember that it only takes a few breaths to do. You can do this for a moment just before you start your car, while you are standing in the checkout line at the grocery store, while you are waiting for the water in the shower to warm up, while you are waiting for the subway, the moment you awake in the morning and just before you fall asleep at night. Another time I like to do it is for a minute just before I make a phone call. I become calm and centered, and I bring that peaceful feeling to the person I then speak with. Try it just now while you are reading these words. Stop for a few breaths, shut your eyes, and let go into the real essence of who you are. This is love, this is peace, this is joy. There is only that at the heart of you.

      On another note take a few moments to gaze at the sacred site photographs in my Sacred Earth book or on the new Sacred Sites DVD I have just finished making. When I made each of the photographs for the book and DVD I made a prayer at the same time. I prayed that the spirit of the sacred place would come through the photograph and touch the viewer with the peace of the place. I composed the photographs with the thought in my mind that they were not really photographs but were actually windows through which people could look directly at the holy places. You look at the sacred site while it looks back at you. You open yourself to the magic of the holy place; it shares its peace and beauty with you.

      Sacred Earth

      These make great gifts.
      You can purchase these products here:

      Sacred Sites Book

      New Sacred Sites DVD

      Autographed Sacred Sites Book and DVD

      We can also print any image on SacredSites.com as a fine art Giclee print.
      Browse the store.

      And you can give this wonderful gift to anyone you love, which is really everyone you know. Christmas is soon upon us, a time – always this time exists – for the giving of gifts. To yourself and to others. The photographs I make and the books I write are gifts that spirit gave through me to you. Please help me to share these gifts with more people all around the world. That will make me and you and them very happy.

      Much peace and love to you,

      Martin Gray

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