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Re: [sl] the Green Language of Light?

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  • Daniel N. Washburn
    Hi, Chris Thanks for pulling up this interesting article. Fraid it s not by a longtime list member, however. Vincent Bridges is not our Vincent. See here for
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 25, 2008
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      Hi, Chris

      Thanks for pulling up this interesting article. Fraid it's not by a
      longtime list member, however. Vincent Bridges is not our Vincent.

      See here for a bio of VB http://vincentbridges.com/about/

      The article tries to pack everything in the world into one box, but the
      relationship between i ching and dna is really fun.

      The bio-photonic work of Fritz-Albert Popp mentioned in the article
      strikes a real cord with me because I have just finished reading Lynne
      McTaggart's book The Field: Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe.
      Chapter three is an outline and history of his scientific work.
      Absolutely amazing stuff.

      I recommend McTaggart's book highly. She is a science writer by
      profession and blends medical research, Quantum physics, and paranormal
      experiments very well.

      Here is one of the reviews from Amazon

      This is probably the most complete and readable description of all the
      paranormal research that has taken place both in this country and abroad.

      McTaggart describes research and documented evidence of the apparent
      telepathic and telekinetic powers of the brain as well as its ability to
      affect the health status both of the individual and of others. She
      relates experiments that presumably prove that even chickens and rabbits
      have such powers. She mentions some of the (mostly secret) experiments
      in remote viewing carried out by our government during the Cold War.
      McTaggart describes experiments in homeopathic medicine, where the
      curing substance is diluted to such an extent that it is there only as a
      memory, and yet still remains potent.

      Such information, of course, has appeared in other books. McTaggart,
      however, goes on to point out that the classical idea that events are
      not influenced by the observer does not hold in quantum physics dealing
      with electrons and sub-particles. She proceeds to describe at great
      length the Random Effects Generator, essentially a computerized random
      number generator, and how it is affected by conscious and unconscious
      wishes of nearby, and even remote, observers. A large amount of
      information that she describes is based on results obtained through such

      So far, the description deals with presumably real experimental
      observations. Where the book takes a giant leap, however, is in its
      identification of what enables these effects: the Zero Point Energy
      Field. The basic principle in Heisenberg's and Bohr's quantum theory is
      that sub-atomic particles don't exist until they are observed. The
      entire Creation Theory of our modern physicists is based on the idea
      that sub-atomic particles can continuously jump into existence and then
      disappear, as long as both operations take place in less time that the
      Planck period (10exp-43 seconds) since we cannot observe anything within
      such a small time interval. These continuous particle appearances and
      disappearances are described by a field which McTaggart postulates that
      we have the ability to affect. This field presumably involves huge
      quantities of energy that could become accessible if only we only knew
      how. (Interestingly, she does not question the source of such a huge
      amount of energy in our universe.)

      The final conclusion is that everything is interrelated, and everything
      consists of energy vibrations. Everything is one, so it is little wonder
      that we can affect our environment with our conscious or unconscious
      thoughts. Personally I agree with this final statement, but there is no
      proof that McTaggart's postulated Zero Point Energy Field is the real
      enabling mechanism. Instead, it could easily be the recently postulated
      vibrating energy strings, as claimed by Lewis Tarter in his God Theory,
      or some other mechanism not yet identified. In any case, however, the
      existence of such an effect can have tremendous theological
      implications. I definitely recommend this book.

      (The writer is the author of Christianity without Fairy Tales: When
      Science and Religion Merge.)

      Chris wrote:

      >A long time listmember has this page on the topic:
      >Cyrstallinks also has this snipped (bottom of page):
      >If we could re-phrase the topic as "divination" or in particular "divination by birdflight" I
      >think we would get an interesting response from the readership here. I know I'd be happy
      >to comment if that's what it was called and/or that's what you wanted to talk about.
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