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Sacred Earth - new book by Martin Gray

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  • Daniel N. Washburn
    The Most Definitive Work on Sacred Sites Ever Compiled 25 Years in the Making...Over 80 Countries and 1,000 Sacred Sites Stunningly beautiful and deeply
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 10, 2007
      The Most Definitive Work on Sacred Sites Ever Compiled
      25 Years in the Making...Over 80 Countries and 1,000 Sacred Sites

      "Stunningly beautiful and deeply rewarding"

      Graham Hancock
      Author of The Sign and the Seal, Fingerprints of the Gods, and Heaven's

      "The images are arresting and inspiring... 'Sacred Earth: Places of
      Peace and Power' is bound for glory."

      Christopher Reynolds
      Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

      "I have been up every night to 3 AM reading Martin's newest book!... You
      all know I'm very selective as to what I send out on my email list to
      9000+ people"

      Roger Green

      from his most recent newsletter
      Fenshui Seminars <http://www.fengshuiseminars.com/>

      Acclaimed photographer and anthropologist Martin Gray has spent the last
      twenty years on a pilgrimage photographing and exploring more than a
      thousand sacred sites in eighty countries. Now, this stunning beautiful
      and deeply rewarding book conveys the essence of this remarkable journey
      to locations and sites imbued with the power to awaken feelings of
      transcendence, awe, and peace.

      Imbued with Historical Luster and Spiritual Magnetism

      In these pages we not only visit, but find ourselves deeply immersed in
      our worlds most venerated and visited sites, including the ruins of
      Delphi, the supreme oracle site of the ancient Mediterranean; the Ka'ba
      at the Great Mosque at Mecca, birthplace of the prophet Mohammed; the
      great temple complex of Angkor in Cambodia, one of humankind's most
      astonishing architectural achievements; Machu Picchu, the secret
      ceremonial city of he Incas located high in the Andes; and New Mexico's
      White Sands, a place of shimmering beauty that was once a fabled site
      for the vision questions of Native Americans, to name but a few.

      Accompanying each photograph is an insightful commentary that takes us
      deep into the history, mythology, and spiritual magnetism of the
      particular place. We come to realize that these stone rings, pyramids,
      shrines, and temples are often situated in locations that were
      discovered to possess special powers and energies by pre-industrial
      peoples who recognized the earth as a living and sacred being worthy of
      deep respect.

      -- excerpted from the foreword, by Graham Hancock

      About the Author...

      Martin Gray is a photographer and anthropologist whose work has been
      published by the National Geographic Society.

      During the past fifteen years, he has presented slide shows on the
      extraordinary beauty and precarious situation of the world's sacred
      sites to more than one hundred thousand people on four continents.

      His award winning website, www.sacredsites.com
      <http://www.sacredsites.com> has received over twenty million visitors
      since 1998. Sacred Earth is featured in a major Feng Shui journal.


      Exclusive Collectors Autographed Copy,
      with Companion DVD
      Available for a Limited Time Only


      Order Now for $45, and Save $20. A Great Holiday Gift!

      276 illustrated pages of shimmering beauty


      Adopt a Leader Foundation

      During the past twenty years of travel, research and photography to
      prepare this book I have often thought about giving thousands of copies
      away for absolutely free. I feel that the book Sacred Earth needs to be
      put in the hands of a large number of influential people around the
      world. I intend to do this yet I need significant financial assistance
      to do so. Please help me with this noble project.

      Al Gore just received the Nobel Prize for his work with global warming
      and this is a strong indication that environmental matters are of great
      relevance to every person on the planet. While it may certainly be said
      that I am biased towards my own project, it can also, and more so, be
      said that my approach to environmental awareness - through art, history,
      and religious pluralism - has a tremendous capacity to influence and
      inspire many people.

      That is what I am clearly focused on and what I have been using my work
      for these past two decades. I am not doing this project for my own
      personal benefit. Rather I am doing it for the planet and for the people
      and animals that inhabit the planet with me. The more that problems
      increase on the planet and the more that people become aware of the
      increasing severity of these problems, the more intently will they look
      for solutions to the problems. At the present time in the so-called
      'developed' world almost everyone is more concerned with their own life
      than with the environment (though many people do pay lip service to the
      matter of environmental degradation). What the world desperately needs
      are more people like Al Gore; people who do more than simply talk,
      people who put their own personal concerns in second place to the far
      greater work of serving the planet. I am one of those people; I am
      someone who will give everything to the service of spreading peace and
      environmental awareness around the Earth. That is why I am committed to
      giving away so many copies of Sacred Earth: the book accomplishes both
      of these things: it teaches peace and environmental awareness in a most
      beautiful way.

      During the coming months I will strongly turn my attention to raising
      the necessary money to fund this Adopt a Leader Foundation. I need your
      help to do so. With monetary assistance we can purchase thousands of
      copies of Sacred Earth so that I may present them as gifts to people in
      positions of high sociopolitical influence. This action will surely
      stimulate media attention, which will in turn further support the work I
      am doing. At the current time we are seeking $50,000 to help fund the
      Adopt a Leader Foundation and produce the materials described below. For
      those of you in the United States who will help I have a legally
      incorporated 501c3 tax-exempt non-profit organization called Geomancy
      Foundation at http://geofound.org/. For those of you outside the United
      States you may still use the Geomancy Foundation to make donations to
      the Adopt a Leader Foundation.

      Martin Gray


      Production of a Sacred Earth DVD, Documentary Series, Calendars, etc.

      With the book finally out, we are now embarking on creating several
      multimedia "companions" that will help spread the word about this labor
      of love that has consumed the past twenty-five years of my life, and
      whose impact has been profound on so many, myself included. In
      particular, we are seeking philanthropists who can assist with the
      development of the "Sacred Earth" lecture DVD, a calendar (with all the
      pictures I have, there could easily be a series here), as well as a
      television documentary series.

      A business and marketing plan is currently in development. If you are
      interested, or may know a person or philanthropic organization that
      would love to get behind the "Sacred Sites" message, please email
      inquires@... <mailto:inquiries@...>


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