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Earth Energies area at The Big Green Gathering

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    THE BIG GREEN GATHERING 1st - 5th August 2007 EARTH ENERGIES & DIVINATORY ARTS AREA Since 1994 the Big Green Gathering has developed in to the main
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      THE BIG GREEN GATHERING  1st - 5th August 2007


      Since 1994 the Big Green Gathering has developed in to the main 'green' event in Britain, if not the world. It has showcased future technologies, alternative ways of life and inspired many town folk to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. But one corner has often been overlooked that was initially established by astrologer Steve Judd 12 years ago - the Earth Energies and Divinatory Arts area.

      The EEDA is now regarded as an annual 'Conference in a Field' and is attracting authors and researchers from fields as diverse as astrology, earth mysteries, consciousness, sacred geometry, environmental science, anthropology and spirituality. We even got a 5 page review in the spring edition of ‘Avalon Magazine’ that is also available as a download on the BGG website (see link on website).

      The 'Conference in a Field' theme continues into 2007, with the addition of some respected international authors and researchers to the regular EEDA speaker line-up. From America, we have Daniel Pinchbeck, who has recently published 2012 - The Return of Quetzelcoatl.  In this book he examines indigenous prophecy through personal and philosophical approaches, and offers the hypothesis that humanity is experiencing an accelerated process of global consciousness transformation that culminates in 2012. Regular speaker, Geoff Stray, who wrote Beyond 2012: Catastrophe or Ecstacy, will be joining Pinchbeck in an 'End of Time Forum' alongside Louis Standen, Mark Heley and the one and only Michael Glickman. Plus it will be hosted by Paradox, who is also speaking on 'Consciousness Evolution' earlier in the day.

      Regulars such as Joy Youngman, Nick Kollerstrom and Jon Atkinson will be talking alongside new speakers Celia Gunn, Ross Hemsworth and Christian Kyriacou. We welcome back Serena Roney Dougal, who will be highlighting her incredible psychic research with Tibetan masters, whilst Glennie Kindred also returns in 2007 to discuss the new paradigm of ‘Earth-Magic’ and the cycles of the seasons.  Andrew Collins, a respected ancient mysteries author will be discussing his breakthrough theories about the 'Cygnus' star constellation & how it relates to shifts in consciousness going back to paleolithic times. In all, there are 60 speaker and four full days of talks in two marquees; and that does not even include the shamanic workshops, Dowsing training, wild-food foraging and Bardic performances in the 'Earth Space' quarry!!

      Our special guest is the Arch Druid of Stonehenge & Britain, Rollo Maughling, who will be holding a Lughnsadh (Lammas) ceremony on the Sunday in the modern stone circle in the ‘EEDA field.

      See www.big-green-gathering.com//index.php?pageid=15 for the full four day schedule of talks and for general info about the Earth Energies and Divinatory Arts area.

      The Big Green Gathering takes place at Fernhill Farm, Cheddar, Somerset between 1st & 5th August 2007.  Tickets range from £20 to £110. Day tickets for Saturday & Sunday are available locally. Book tickets online at www.big-green-gathering.com or call 01458 830281.
      For general enquiries call 01458 834629

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