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Constructing the Cosmological Circle

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  • Daniel N. Washburn
    A message from Michael Schneider, a contemporary master of Sacred Geometry: Dear Friends, I m pleased to announce the availability of the fifth volume of my
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      A message from Michael Schneider, a contemporary master of Sacred Geometry:

      Dear Friends,

      I'm pleased to announce the availability of the fifth volume of my
      Constructing The Universe Activity Books titled

      Constructing The Cosmological Circle

      Symbol and Instrument for Universal Harmony

      The Cosmological Circle is a geometric diagram that has appeared in the
      arts, crafts, architecture, religion and literature of cultures around
      the world, and is associated with their golden ages. Because it's the
      visual representation of the harmony naturally inherent in the structure
      of the numbers 1 through 12, it encodes the ideal patterns and
      proportions toward which nature's forms strive. It has been used as a
      symbol of universal harmony because it represents the complete order of
      the universe and thus is a microcosm appearing in the designs of cosmic
      temples and sacred spaces worldwide. It has served as an eternal
      standard of reference, a pattern and instrument of statecraft for
      "cosmologically ordered societies" seeking to attract for their citizens
      happiness, blessings, justice and prosperity. Its proportions were used
      as an intelligent model for organizing society, integrating weights and
      measures with human dimensions, and for sanctifying the Earth with
      sacred architecture. Its dimensions are described as the Heavenly City
      described in The Book of Revelation, seen in the plan of the Buddhist
      Brobodur temple, Stonehenge, Glastonbury, and described as Plato's ideal
      city Magnesia. Its "squared circle" plan is also found in the sizes and
      relationships among the Earth, Sun and Moon. No one invented it - it's
      just the way that numbers naturally harmonize, providing the ideal
      towards which nature strives and twelve-tribe societies, like the
      zodiacal Delphic amphictyony, sought to resemble.

      “A tradition which has been credited by many learned men over the centuries
      is that the ancients encoded their knowledge of the world
      in the dimensions of their sacred monuments.”

      They used "... an esoteric code of number, harmony and proportion
      which was supposed to reflect the perfectly structured mind of the Creator.
      -- John Michell

      Constructing the Cosmological Circle sets the context for the diagram
      and then teaches how to construct it by the traditional geometric method
      using a compass and straightedge. The book provides the background
      necessary to appreciate its unfolding geometry, symbolism, and its
      appearances in the many illustrations of art, architecture and
      literature from around the world.

      Artists and architects will want to see how this model of harmony has
      been used in the past.

      Readers interested in symbolism and philosophy will find a key to
      understanding traditional wisdom teachings.

      This book is based on the work of John Michell who has explored and
      written about the New Jerusalem Diagram and Cosmological Circle for
      nearly thirty five years. This book is based upon, and expands, our
      co-teaching of this subject in New York and Glastonbury.

      The book is organized in six sections:


      From Chaos To Cosmos

      Geometer's Heaven and Earth

      Squaring The Circle

      Construct the Cosmological Circle

      The Number Canon


      Please see http://www.constructingtheuniverse.com/Volume5.html
      for the book’s Table of Contents.

      The book is thoroughly illustrated and includes many interesting,
      relevant quotations. It's printed double-sided, 115 pages.

      The cost is only $18 plus shipping.

      Order through http://www.constructingtheuniverse.com/Purchase.html
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