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[sacredlandscapelist] Re: Queen of the South

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  • Neil Fernandez
    In message , Barry Carroll writes ... Interesting stuff. I wonder what other
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 22, 1999
      In message <>, Barry
      Carroll <palladin@...> writes


      >in Matthew 12.42 Jesus himself speaks favorably of Sheeba, the Queen of the
      >South, who sought out Solomon as rising up in judgement against those who
      >deny the holy ghost.

      Interesting stuff. I wonder what other connotations 'Queen of the South'
      might have. Perhaps solar? It is the name of a Scottish football
      (soccer) team based in Dumfries. See <http://www.qosfc.co.uk/>. Also
      <http://www.mclaren.demon.co.uk/>. It is the answer to the question
      'What is the only British football team mentioned in the Bible?' I am
      not being frivolous. There are Robert the Bruce and grail legend
      connections in that area, see 'The Temple and the Lodge' by Michael
      Baigent and Richard Leigh. There was a strong freemasonic connection to
      the early development of organised soccer in Britain - in the second
      half of the last century.

      According to Stuart McLaren who maintains the second of these sites, the
      team was founded in 1919 when Dumfries, Kings Own Scottish Borderers and
      Arrol Johnston amalgamated. He gives the biblical references as Matthew
      12:42 and Luke 11:31.

      I guess it is a predominantly Protestant team, to judge by their blue
      and white strip.

      Neil Fernandez
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