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    In a message dated 5/11/06 12:10:42 AM GMT Daylight Time, groups@gravesnet.com writes: Debate is good and it is refreshing to read about Solomon as a
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      In a message dated 5/11/06 12:10:42 AM GMT Daylight Time, groups@... writes:
      Debate is good and it is refreshing to read about Solomon as a fictitious
      King Arthur.  For centuries, maybe millennia, it has been just assumed to be
      fact. Fantasy loves reality, does it not? Or is it the other way around?
      The human mind seeks comfort.  Relief from anxiety is the name of the game.  A well produced explanation/history of the world offers guidance, order, and relief from existential anxieties.  A good story achieves plenty, perhaps chiefly the binding of a society.  A necessary precursor to the growth and maintainance of a defensible state.
      And then their time is past, and they become 'myths' in the modern sense. 
      Is that it?  Is that all?  All that talk of 'sacred' this 'sacred' that was just a body of collected explanations, 'best-guesses, and outright fictions? 
      Necessary fictions?  Spaces to explore psychologically necessary questions?
      Isn't the story of the development and growth of humankind, and human consciousness, a fabulously rich story?  Too complex, perhaps, for us to ever understand?  (Why invent histories, when history itself is better than anything you could possibly invent?)
      Ape starts to think, can't cope with what thinking brings, devises stories to keep himself sane; the stories empower him to wealth and knowledge, to a priesthood that has time free to invent writing, sciences, codify, politicise, reassure.  Thus enabled, the societies that perform best overtake and enslave those that don't; the belief-systems have become an essential featre of the art of survival itself.  Darwinian evolution of religious belief as a survival-fitness strategy.  'Religious' genes thrive over critical genes.
      Religious genes are concentrated by religious exodus.  Ferment.  America.
      The historical landscape is littered with the bleached bones of sacredlandscapes; but more of their innocent conquests.
      Perhaps gods are necessary, but I'm not sure fictions should be allowed free rein. 
      Thanks for the doc.s, and for the provocation to muse Chris
      The waking and the dreamed. All these little pigeon holes we cram our thoughts
      into. Square beliefs in peg-round circles of society.
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