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Re: [sl] Magnetic and other 'energies'

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  • mikebispham@aol.com
    In a message dated 9/2/05 11:29:08 AM GMT Daylight Time, danw@netmastersinc.com writes: ... I agree, Marc. Just thought the whole thing was a hoot that added
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      In a message dated 9/2/05 11:29:08 AM GMT Daylight Time, danw@... writes:
      Marc Steurbaut wrote:

      > I think Mike's questions are the bare
      minimum if one wants to find out
      > if the magnetic guy is 'genuine' or
      I agree, Marc.  Just thought the whole thing was a hoot that added only
      a minute amount to the possibility that 'energy lines' were magnetic in
      nature and that some people who were magnetically sensitive could
      recognize them, either as inner experiences or via unconsciously created
      twig twitches.

      Hi Dan,
      Can I explore with a few statements of belief...
      Magnetic lines of force (flux) _are_ lines of energy - that is electro-magnetic energy.
      There's nothing especially spooky about this energy. 
      Very sensitive instruments have been developed that can detect changes in the magnetic field, supplying limited information of underground structures.
      It is plausible that some people (and animals) are sensitive to magnetic energy - but  very simple experimental tests appear not to support such claims (for people - I have a vague memory of a study where someone messed homing pigeons up with magnets?).
      For people who are unaware of the physical nature of magnetic forces, or who misunderstand them, it would be very natural to assume any such experiences were something 'supernatural' and/or 'sacred'. 
      I've seen no claims - let alone evidence - that the alignments apparent in historical buildings and landscapes have any associated magnetic aspect.
      There are many claims that such alignments are associated with non-specific 'energies' that are interpretated by some as 'spiritual' in nature.  I have seen no evidence that the 'energies' these people claim to detect are anything other than purely imaginary.  There are very simple tests that could confirm or disproove their claims. 
      On the other hand, a number of sound rationales for deliberate alignments, totally unconnected to any conception of 'non-specific energies' have been put forward. 
      This kind of rationalisation is threatening to the worldview of those who believe such 'non-specific energies' to be real, and for whom they are an inherent part of their belief-system.  They tend to react by labelling people like myself 'debunkers' and 'skeptics'.
      Any thoughts?
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