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  • Vanessa
    Hello All, Here is another paragraph that shows express mal-non-scientific intent: *Very likely, yes! Studies have shown that placebos can relieve the symptoms
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      Hello All,
        Here is another paragraph that shows express mal-non-scientific intent:
      *Very likely, yes! Studies have shown that placebos can relieve the symptoms in about 40 percent of those who suffer from chronic ailments. They are probably even more effective for those who are inclined toward "alternative medicine" or the "wellness" industry. In other words, if you "believe" that something might help, it may well do so, and the more people are made to pay for it, the more eager they will be to have their beliefs confirmed. (Remember those Monty Python apartment towers that would remain standing only as long as the residents maintained their faith in them?)*
      Note how they clump all those that supposedly placebos would be more effective with; ie the disabled, the 'new age' or 'wellness' or 'alternative medicine' industry (should be population) without any evidence whatsoever and as if that population were a population that deserves no respect. Its rather implied, but its there.  In fact, if there is an inclination for such a population (industry often does take advantage of such populations but this is actually a comment against the population not the industry) then by all means, it should be included in those factors that foster well being and not touted as something that is evidentially mentally or emotionally 'wrong' as insinuated in the above paragraph. Obviously these people arent too intelligent.
      I myself suffer from disabilities. BUT that didnt change my life path; Ive always been on the same path even as a child; and I am quite intelligent despite whatever I deal with, it does not automatically make me unintelligent or a push over. If something doesnt work, I dont do it, period. BUT I say that for ME. Someone else may very well have another experience and that is fine. 'Fact' does not become 'fact' to someone unless they experience it themselves FIRST no matter how many books one reads or anything else. Those scientists on the forefront of new knowledge especially that of quantum physics, are the bravest of all and usually, the most intelligent as well as the most persecuted. It is always that way.  And, how does something become fact? There is a whole process behind it, especially on a collective level, 'denial' being the first step. This is well known psyche 101 stuff. And believe me, I dont pay for something if I dont have to, period! If it doesnt work, and work NOW I dont pay for it anymore, either; and that goes for all the chemicals the pharmaceuticals shove down our throats. So, they clump all of us together as if we're all dumb....but...
      If anyone had done their research, they would note that perhaps there is a push by some to sell clustered water, but Dr. Emoto's works do not do such and they blatantly clump both together when they are quite separate. They portray Dr. Emoto's photographs as being clustered water and this is fraudulent. This is done Im sure, because it is as I say it is; a quite ingenious albeit severe lacking in integrity, porn marketing scheme.
       All there is for sale by Dr. Emoto's hand, are his beautiful photographs. Now, if one were to go thru such books, the photographs alone are well worth the price. That is anyone's right to buy such a book. Lots of people sell books. We either buy them or we dont; and we must accept personal responsibility for our decisions. What Dr. Emoto gives for FREE, is the ability to empower the human soul and uplift the human consciousness; and THAT doesnt cost one penny for anyone.  Everyone is free to join in such costless pursuits or not; to finetune one's thought processes or not. Perhaps to fund further research or world peace projects, they will get smart and do sell more along those lines so they can afford to foster world peace. Smart use of finances, imo; with benefits for all of humanity cannot be considered a waste under any circumstances and those that focus SOLELY upon personal greed are not to be commended.
      When you deal with Masaru, you will find that even his speaking fee is solely to cover travel costs and, as low as it is, I dont know how he even does that. But speaking with Dr. Emoto, you will find he truly does believe in the HEART of humanity as the one aspect of our reality that is worth saving and uplifting; and he does so with absolute faith in the precepts of World Peace. In other words, he isnt out there to 'make money' he is out there because he cares about our planet and if what he has stumbled upon can help, then he is willing to give it to the world. Indeed, he has done just that, and, without cost. So anyone accusing Dr. Emoto of being money-oriented (and a tasteless marketing scheme to scandalously promote porn the least of integral consciousness) is quite in error and I know this for first hand fact being involved with him. Now, as you all know, I did provide the links that prove I am as I say I am; and that I have indeed, met Dr. Emoto first hand and I have indeed, studied his works, even IF from a more spiritual basis involving Creationary Forces from a personal interest myself.  AND there is nothing in it for me either. I associate so, out of my own free will, my own observations of music and water, and creationary forces, and my own knowing that what he has stumbled upon, is indeed, Truth. A good reading of his books will show that to anyone; as neither does he make baseless claims. They have it down too; even to how long 'influence' will last, or how long pristine waters hold their form when in liquid state, and how to preserve water that has been exposed to any particular vibratory influence for testing and many many other factors. This is not just some silly scheme without foundation nor without YEARS worth of tedious research.
      Dr. Emoto's research has been accepted by the UN as genuine and as having a major impact upon the ability for our collective to experience world peace and a healing of the planetary logos of such a magnitude as to be worthy of world notice. This was just this past November.  I dont see that noted in the porn marketing scheme either.
      And, if I am able, in the long run, to utilize what I have discovered (even if Im not a scientist) about Creationary Forces to uplift the human consciousness and bring a better sense of humanity and world peace to the world, will I also be accused with such baseless attitudes? I suppose so; even tho what we do in promoting such concepts does no harm in fact, brings a better sense of humanity for all.  I find that extremely more integral than a poorly written, unresearched, porn marketing site that indeed, is focused SOLELY upon money and is using the more popular subjects to exploit such focus upon money!! And what do THEY do with their money? I highly doubt they promote world peace LOL! Yeah, that site rather upset me when I figured out what they were really up to. I dont need that crap on my pc.
      I dont have one bone in my body that is focused upon 'money' as my primary focus. I am however, extremely interested in the empowerment of the human soul above and beyond the ordinary; something I think can be easily done without much work at all; and certainly, without any 'cost' associated with it, or 'money' as the focus. Some people in this field ARE genuine; and truly do have other's well being in mind. Amazing concept. After all, the human soul is an amazing machine; I myself wouldnt underestimate the abilities associated with soul. And if it takes money to get somewhere with any new paradigm of human understanding, then no one should be accusing them of such; for they are the exact ones that have made it so in the first place.
      I should tell them about the 'Beast of Strings'.  Thats my own 'description' of certain information I gained regarding time/space continuums; how they are created and densified...but thats all Im going to say on that!! lol. Okay, Im done ranting lol...but gosh; this is my heart and my soul and Ive met Dr. Emoto in person and Ive studied the books and Ive spoken to him one on one of his research and I just find that webpage SO tasteless...sorry...lol. I could go on too, but I wont do that to the list here. Im sure I could tear that whole page apart quite easily...;) and not because I believe in Dr. Emoto's works either...but because I am just a somewhat intelligent individual that would love to see this collective get their minds and hearts focused upon something other than greed.
        My best,

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