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Secret of Meter Theon (the Mother of the Gods) ... from Millennium

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  • AmaNoGawa
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      Re: [Geophysicslink] NAGA METRIC == TIME, RHYME, MEASURE == FREQUENCY,
      WAVELENGTH ...

      Sheena, All!

      In your studies of Mother Metric, Mother Mathematics,
      never forget the secret -- the simple truth -- and
      and you need never become lost in the darkness of
      the bestial, the deception of the patriarchal
      slave masters.

      All the cosmos is a group wave -- a mountain
      of lissajous electrons and protons, and corksccrew
      EM/lightwaves -- the group itself arranged in
      a corkscrew topology. [Just as you see when
      you pluck a guitar string ...]

      Smaller groups ordered in the larger group.

      And ALL mathematics is SIMPLY a counting of
      the groups. SIMPLY an identification of the
      WAVELENGTH and FREQUENCY of whatever you are
      focusing on.

      All addition, subtraction, multiplication and
      division is SIMPLY a comparison of wavelengths
      and frequencies of different lightwaves or
      group waves. Thus all multiplication and
      division is is measuring the RATIO of two
      different waves.

      Integration is simply an addition, superposition,
      of waves in a group. And Differentiation is simply
      a measurement of the slope of the group or lightwave.

      Any mathematical supposition, proof, or measurement
      which is NOT visible directly -- and in conformity
      with -- the wave structure of the cosmos is false,
      mistaken, in error. [Or in the case of quantum
      mechanics, stochastical electrodynamics (as practiced
      by Haisch & Puthoff, and covert bureaucrats in
      general) is deliberate fraud, counterintelligence.]

      The 2nd 'secret' -- to making mathematics simple,
      and meaningful and true, is to ALWAYS check your
      units! Units are the Metric, the Mother, which
      you are measuring -- discussing -- analyzing in
      the equation. Units, on both sides of the equals
      sign, ALWAYS have to be the same!

      Thus, if you have "cycles per second" on the left
      side of the equation -- if you show up with "meters
      per cycle" on the right side of the equation -- you
      will have to go back and correct your assumptions,
      or your analysis ...

      All experience, all creation, is found in the
      secret of the NaGa, the dragoness, the Mother.

      Mothers Sun, Moon & Milky Way!

      Millennium Twain




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