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Re: [sl] Templars & palestines

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    Very inspiring, Alexander! Axe. ... From: Alexandre To: Sent: Monday, September 02, 2002 11:37
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      Very inspiring, Alexander!


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      Subject: [sl] Templars & palestines

      > Greetings to all,
      > I've found this link that deals with Tarot and Cathedrals, specially old
      > French ones, and become curious if anybody in the list has more
      > information's about then , specially St. Denis.
      > "The Oracle was designed as European kingdoms and the Catholic Church were
      > fighting in the Holy Land. It is the landscape of this time and place that
      > populates the images of the Tarot. The Order of the Temple, a military
      > religious order present in Palestine and Europe, flew a flag representing
      > human cranium and two-crossed tibia [the famous Skull and Crossbones] on
      > their ships. The human cranium is made up of 22 bones. The word "tibia",
      > when decoded (see below), gives us the sum of 39. Two tibias give us the
      > of 78. Other data of the sort point toward a link between the Templars and
      > Tarot.
      > Notice in the King of Swords (Roy d' pe) image to the right that the
      > figure is sitting on a tomb with some markings near his calf. They are the
      > letters G and H, or 7 and 8. The tomb the King of Swords sits on is coded
      > 78! I believe that this image of a tomb in the Tarot alludes to the
      > of St-Denis in France. Below the image of the King is a picture of a scene
      > inside the western entry to the basilica of St. Denis. The photo shows a
      > Skull and Crossbones sitting on top of two sphinxes looking in opposite
      > directions. That last symbol represents the line of horizon, the encounter
      > between East and West, night and day. Together with the Templar's crosses
      > the various altars, these symbols clearly manifest the spirit of the time
      > France, the 'cultural conquest' of Palestine."
      > http://embark.to/sitederom
      > Best to all,
      > Alexandre
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