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Re: [sl] Signs - movie

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  • J Vincent Beall
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      > > J Vincent Beall wrote:
      > >
      > > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Signs/
      > >
      > > Signs, the movie, will open in theatres on the 2nd. It is
      > > a horror movie which somehow involves 'crop circles'. The
      > > link is to a group of fans. There are photos from the
      > > movie at that group page and also bookmarks that can be
      > > explored.
      > >
      > > Unfortunately the movie has been panned by one list member
      > > who has already seen a pirated copy.
      > >
      > > Vincent
      > >
      > I loved M. Night Shamyalans (sp?) The Sixth Sense. Hope
      > this one is as good. Its been getting some excellant hype
      > in the media pieces that I've seem.
      > What's your take on crop circles, Vincent. I've been
      > steering clear of the whole subject because of the fraud
      > involved in a lot of the instances. I know that my hero John
      > Michell has been deep into the subject in years past,
      > though. You think the saucer people are teasing us?

      Well, it seems to be a new area of artistic expression. In art schools
      cropcircle patterns would be classified as designs and the skills for making
      such designs are commonly developed in what are called 'design courses'.
      There is a very strict rule that no artistic design should incorporate the
      signature of the designer, so the secrecy about the authorship of these
      designs is in a way very harmonious with the design ethic.

      But I suspect that perhaps the farmers are secretly involved in getting
      circles to mysteriously appear in their fields. There may be someway in
      which the farmer get some kind of kickback.

      Anyway, I am not really interested in find out every detail of the origin of
      the circles. I see them as an art form which is to be appreciated in itself.

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