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[sacredlandscapelist] numbers and goddesses

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  • jdillon
    I wonder if there is a small dot above the middle symbol. my source gives shri s seed symbol as shrim. (hindu goddesses lists laksmi as a child of durga). I
    Message 1 of 1 , May 29, 1999
      I wonder if there is a small dot above the middle symbol. my source gives
      shri's seed symbol as shrim. (hindu goddesses lists laksmi as a child of
      durga). I wonder if anyone can identify the numbers. that there are nine
      fit with possibly being a memnonic for durga's 9 day celebration in the
      (9th) month, our september-october.the patterns i have worked with,
      including ancient alphabets are such.

      one thing i keep wondering if d's battle with the wild bull-demon is an
      oral tradition remembering the invasions of the peaceful farm-trade cities
      of the old world of the Great Godesses. consider that the bull as Orion
      ruled spring somewhere around 6000 bce, followed by Taurus around 4000.
      during that time, the anatolian city of catal huyuk shows, for the first
      time in several thousand years of existance, signs of mass destruction
      compatible with invasion. the sophisticated trade cities of india spring
      full grown, and then are also invaded after a peaceful beginning.(I am not
      suggesting they are the same culture, only that they shared the same
      technology and calendars. it is known they traded.)

      could durga killing a crazed demon, and the very similar tibetan buddha
      (yamantaka, killer of yama) who assumes the form of a bull to subdue a once
      peaceful saint (yama) who has the head of a bull gone beserk, killing
      everthing around, be related to the bull of heaven passing off his
      scheduled arrival in spring at the same time barbarians arrive in the

      according to the yamantaka rituals, the 9th month (when the battle between
      summer and winter is equal) is the proper time to do the mediation, this
      gate also being a proper time to enter the underworld.
      the west also associates 9 with long journeys and armies (9th House of
      Astrology traditions), and "In ancient Greece on the ballets used in voting
      a death sentence (Theta ninth Greek letter)stood for death." (Oxford
      Universal Dictionary).
      . "Desire to do injury to others." (Ninth sin attaching a Hindu to the
      Wheel of Rebirth). Although students still go off to school each
      September, they also rode to war, seeking fame and fortune
      . i , ninth letter, becomes "a war machine launching its projectile."
      (Victor Hugo, Jeans, George Writing, Abrams, 1992: Travel Notebook, 1839,
      pp. 195-196
      In China, apparent heir to the same Fairy Magic of Order and Proportion as
      Western shamans, proper actions to insure the turning of the seasons, are
      followed. The ninth month: "Šthe son of Heaven ... teaches how to use the
      five weapons of war and the rules for the management of horses." Fall being
      the month to journey to the Underworld, the Emperor also "eats hemp-seeds"
      this season. (Legge, James, Yueh Ling, Li Chi, vol. 1, NY University
      Press, 1967, pp. 292-294)
      I'd be grateful if anyone knows which numbers are used, for numbers of
      course, tell which ritual is involved. thanks judith


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