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760 and 476

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  • Terrie Halprin
    Hi Ya, I converted the 1080 and the 666 from base ten into base twelve and got 760 and 476 -I think it s interesting that these two numbers (1080 and 666) have
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 21 11:20 AM
      Hi Ya,

      I converted the 1080 and the 666 from base ten into base twelve and got 760
      and 476 -I think it's interesting that these two numbers (1080 and 666) have
      two of their three possible numerical digits in common in base twelve -AND-
      I think the 76 is very interesting cuz, well, yeah, 7 and then, here, in
      base twelve, the 6 is really like the 5 in that it middles in base twelve
      -so- it's like 7 and 1/2 like a wacky example of a 5/8th masculine/feminine
      expression which can in turn be compared to the 2 and the 3
      relationship/ratios expressing in base ten.

      So, I looked again at the two bases: (1+2)X3X4X5X6X7X8X9X10(+10). I like to
      add the one, in the beginning of a base multiplication series/set like this
      because if you mulitply the one it's like right back at ya babe -but- adding
      involves the one. I like to both multiply and add the 10 (whatever base
      value) at/as the ends because it reflects/respects the one's
      position/process and by mathematical process it kind of thereby ties/links
      (and, signifies) both beginnings and ends:

      Base Ten Base Twelve (t=10/e=11/10=12)

      (1+2)= 3
      (1+2)= 3 X3= 9
      X3= 9 X4= 30
      X4= 36 X5= 130
      X5= 180 X6= 760
      X6= 1080 X7= 4460
      X7= 7560 X8= 2e000
      X8= 60480 X9= 223000
      X9= 544320 Xt= 19t6000
      X10= 5443200 Xe= 18076000
      (+10)= 5443210 X10= 180760000
      (+10)= 180760010

      5443210 divided by (1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9=) 45= 12.096022, divided by
      (1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10=) 55= 98967.454 -I haven't done base 12 yet.

      So far, it's looking something like that, of course, mathematical figuring
      in base twelve can take some getting used to, but, I give it a try....
      -anyway, I think that the individual root strands (ones/tens -so on-)are
      interesting to look at, lots of series/patterns going on in both bases -and-
      especially, in base twelve, where there's clear progression of the zero,
      from X3 (30) to X10 (180760010) where zero in a ones place-value position
      moves over to include, in all, 4 place value positions, by the time it gets
      to the finish of its series/set, the 10, that's quite a mathematical span.
      Ooh, and, look at that, in base twelve, X5=760 -there are actually three
      numerical representations of 76! Fascinating!

      Have a BEAUTIFUL day,


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