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      Forward to sacredlandscape From: William Littmann Subject: Contents of Design Book Review We have included below the table
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        Forward to sacredlandscape

        From: William Littmann <billiam@...>
        Subject: Contents of Design Book Review

        We have included below the table of contents from two recent issues of
        Design Book Review, the quarterly architecture and design magazine. The
        magazine is now being published by the California College of Arts and
        Crafts. If you are interested in ordering the magazine or a subscription,
        please contact us via the below e-mail or regular mail address.

        -William Littmann
        Design Book Review

        Fall 1999
        Issue #40
        Inventing Our Heritage: Historic Monuments and Landscapes


        Mitchell Schwarzer
        Remembering the Holocaust and its Aftershocks

        Dell Upton
        Commemorating the Civil Rights Movement


        Lawrence J. Vale:

        The Architecture of Diplomacy: Building America's Embassies
        by Jane C. Loeffler
        The Unveiling of the National Icons: A Plea for Patriotic Iconoclasm in a
        Nationalist Era
        by Albert Boime

        Eleanor M. Hight:

        Maya Lin: A Strong Clear Vision
        a film written and directed by Freida Lee Mock
        Maya Lin: Public/Private
        exhibition catalogue with essay and artist interview by Sarah J. Rogers
        Maya Lin: Topologies
        exhibition catalogue with essays by Michael Brenson, Terri
        Dowell-Dennis, and Jeff Fleming

        Philip Ursprung:

        Robert Smithson: The Collected Writings
        edited by Jack Flam
        Between Landscape Architecture and Land Art
        by Udo Weilacher
        Land and Environmental Art
        edited by Jeffrey Kastner
        Land Art
        by Gilles A. Tiberghien
        Land Art USA
        by Patrick Werkner
        Earthwards: Robert Smithson and Art after Babel
        by Gary Shapiro

        Dean MacCannell:

        Understanding Ordinary Landscapes
        edited by Paul Groth and Todd W. Bressi
        Architecture of the Everyday
        edited by Steven Harris and Deborah Berke
        Exploring Everyday Landscapes: Perspectives in Vernacular Architecture VI
        edited by Annmarie Adams and Sally McMurry
        Landscape in Sight: Looking at America
        by John Brinckerhoff Jackson
        edited by Helen Lefkowitz Horowitz

        E. Perry Winston:

        Architecture of Fear
        edited by Nan Ellin
        Mortal City
        edited by Peter Lang

        John A. Loomis:

        Harwell Hamilton Harris
        by Lisa Germany
        foreword by Kenneth Frampton
        The Texas Rangers: Notes from an Architectural Underground
        by Alexander Caragonne
        introduction by Charles Moore

        Eric Sandweiss:

        Liberal Dreams and Nature's Limits: Great Cities of North America since
        by James T. Lemon

        Sharon Irish:

        The Architecture of Additions: Design and Regulation
        by Paul Spencer Byard

        Kathleen James:

        Competing Visions: Aesthetic Invention and Social Imagination in Central
        European Architecture, 1867-1918
        by Akos Moravanszky
        East European Modernism: Architecture in Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and
        Poland between the Wars, 1919-1939
        edited by Wojciech Lesnikowski

        Kendra Taylor:

        William Faulkner and the Tangible Past: The Architecture of Yoknapatawpha
        by Thomas S. Hines

        Winter/Spring 2000
        Double Issue #41/42
        Humanism and Posthumanism


        Hayden White
        Posthumanism and the Liberation of Humankind

        Kate Soper
        Humanism in Western Culture

        Joan Ockman
        New Empiricism and the New Humanism

        Hilde Heynen
        The Venice School, or the Diagnosis of Negative Thought

        Luis Fernandez-Galiano
        Against Art


        James S. Ackerman:

        The Four Books on Architecture
        by Andrea Palladio
        translation by Robert Tavernor and Richard Schofield
        Sebastiano Serlio on Architecture:
        Books I-V of Tutte l'opere d'architettura et prospetiva
        translation, introduction, and commentary by Vaughan Hart and Peter Hicks
        Serlio on Domestic Architecture
        text by Myra Nan Rosenfeld
        foreword by Adolf K. Placzek
        introduction by James S. Ackerman

        Caroline van Eck:

        The Dancing Column: On Order in Architecture
        by Joseph Rykwert

        Joscelyn Godwin:

        Leon Battista Alberti's Hypnerotomachia Poliphili: Re-Cognizing the
        Architectural Body in the Early Italian Renaissance
        by Liane Lefaivre

        D. Grahame Shane:

        The Projective Cast: Architecture and Its Three Geometries
        by Robin Evans

        James S. Ackerman:

        Translations from Drawing to Building and Other Essays
        by Robin Evans

        Andrew Cruse:

        Architectural Representation and the Perspective Hinge
        by Alberto Perez-Gomez and Louise Pelletier

        Mitchell Schwarzer:

        Organicism in Nineteenth-Century Architecture: An Inquiry into Its
        Theoretical and Philosophical Background
        by Caroline van Eck

        Richard Cleary:

        Leon Vaudoyer: Historicism in the Age of Industry
        by Barry Bergdoll

        Paolo Scrivano:

        Modern Architecture: Romanticism and Reintegration
        by Henry-Russell Hitchcock
        new foreword by Vincent Scully
        The International Style
        by Henry-Russell Hitchcock and Philip Johnson
        new preface by Philip Johnson

        Brian McLaren:

        Luigi Figini, Gino Pollini: Opera Completa
        edited by Vittorio Gregotti and Giovanni Marzari

        John A. Stuart:

        The Werkbund: Design Theory and Mass Culture before the First World War
        by Frederic J. Schwartz

        Karen Michels:

        Space Calculated in Seconds: The Philips Pavilion, Le Corbusier, Edgard
        by Marc Treib

        Martin Jay:

        Architecture and Nihilism: On the Philosophy of Modern Architecture
        by Massimo Cacciari
        translated by Stephen Sartarelli
        introduction by Patrizia Lombardo

        Marco De Michelis:

        Modernism and the Posthumanist Subject: The Architecture of Hannes Meyer
        and Ludwig Hilberseimer
        by K. Michael Hays

        Terrence Doody:

        Architecture and the Text: The (S)crypts of Joyce and Piranesi
        by Jennifer Bloomer

        Robert Mugerauer:

        The Architecture of Deconstruction: Derrida's Haunt
        by Mark Wigley

        Ellen Dunham-Jones:

        Non-Places: Introduction to an Anthropology of Supermodernity
        by Marc Auge
        translated by John Howe
        photographs by Jordi Bernado and Ramon Prat
        texts by Randal Roark, Richard Dagenhart, Maria Lluisa Borras, Rem
        Koolhaas, Enric Miralles, and Rafael Argullol

        Edward Robbins:

        Thirdspace: Journeys to Los Angeles and Other Real-and-Imagined Places
        by Edward W. Soja
        The City: Los Angeles and Urban Theory at the End of the Twentieth Century
        edited by Allen J. Scott and Edward W. Soja

        William S. Saunders:

        The Critical Landscape
        edited by Michael Speaks

        Steven A. Moore:

        Reconstructing Architecture: Critical Discourses and Social Practices
        edited by Thomas A. Dutton and Lian Hurst Mann

        Design Book Review
        California College of Arts and Crafts
        1111 Eighth Street
        San Francisco, CA 94107
        Phone: 415.551.9232
        Fax: 415.703.9537
        E-mail: dbr@...

        Single Issue Rates:
        Issue #40: $9.00
        Double Issue #41/42: $15.95
        U.S Individual Subscriptions: $34.00
        Please contact the magazine for additional subscription information
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