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904[sacredlandscapelist] Nexus Network Journal, April Issue

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  • Mike Bispham
    Apr 1 4:07 AM
      A great new issue of the Nexus Network Journal is now online. The April
      2000 issue contains five Featured Articles, three book reviews, a
      conference report by Orietta Pedemonte, and an innovative geometry project
      for high school students by Michael Serra, along with the regular Bulletin
      Board and Submission Guidelines pages. The Virtual Library has been
      completely renewed for the April 2000 issue.

      The NNJ homepage is located on the Internet at the URL:


      The Featured Articles this issue are:

      "Under Siege: The Golden Mean in Architecture" by Michael Ostwald;

      "Pavements as Embodiments of Meaning for a Fractal Mind" by Terry M.
      Mikiten, Nikos A. Salingaros and Hing-Sing Yu;

      "How to Construct a Logarithmic Rosette (Without Even Knowing It)" by Paul

      "Pythagorean Triangles and Musical Proportions" by Martin Euser;

      "Pisa baptistry is giant musical instrument, computers show" by Rory

      Book reviewed in this issue are:

      "Architectonics of Humanism" by Lionel March, reviewed by Mark Peterson;

      "On Alberti and the Art of Building" by Robert Tavernor, reviewed by Kim

      "Canon of the Five Orders of Architecture" by Giacomo Barozzi da Vignola,
      Branko Mitrovic, trans., reviewed by Stephen R. Wassell.
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