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823[sacredlandscapelist] The Haunting

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  • Dan Washburn
    Feb 5, 2000
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      Has anyone seen The Haunting with Liam Neeson and Catherine Zeta-Jones?
      We rented it the other night, because my wife and I both like horror
      films. Its a mediocre movie but the inside of Hill House was designed by
      a Leonardo daVinci of sacred geometry -- absolutely breathtakingly
      fabulous. Go take a look. Ignore the movie if you want to, but you
      shouldn't miss this masterpiece. I hope it extists somewhere as a real
      house and wasn't a set pulled down after the they finished making the

      Come to think of it, the thing I admired most about Star Wars, Episode
      One was the architecture. I was blown away at how beautiful most of the
      cityscapes were in that movie. Liam Neeson starred in that one, too.
      Is he a secret magnet for architectural beauty?

      Dan W.