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7665textbook on archaeoastronomy

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  • C G
    May 12, 2013
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      Greetings sacredlandscapers,

      This 2010 textbook does not appear to be listed in our archives: "The Power of Stars: How Celestial Observations Have Shaped Civilization" by Bryan Penprase.


      The author has put together a textbook for university courses on archaeoastronomy, so this may be something close to your hearts, Dan, Barry, et al. It is far from perfect, obviously, but it is a useful starting point. As an example, I found the chapter on Celestial Architecture to be too brief, particularly because we have delved into many of those subtopics in more depth on this list. However, the chapter on the Archaeoastronomy of Modern Civilization was more novel.

      Check it out.

      Hoping you are all experiencing a pleasant transition between seasons. I, for one, am supremely looking forward to summer!

      * * *

      Such a shame to see this landscape list go fallow. Is anyone working on anything at the moment, or has anyone had any recent experiences to share, that might re-fertilize discussion? I recently vacationed in Thailand and was dumbstruck by the spirituality of the population. Very moving and humbling.

      As for me, I got a good start on my final chapter to my book on cubes (the chapter speaks to Hindu and Buddhist traditions) but my life got flipped upside down pretty much as I mentally settled into the chapter. So that's on hold until life gets calmer for me. Likewise, I am still working on my prime number project but haven't made much headway over the past year due to personal experiences.

      How about you? What's the story, morning glory?

      Kind regards,

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