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7643"Kids on the Path"

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  • images_garden
    Mar 24, 2010
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      Dear Labyrinth Enthusiasts,

      We in the Labyrinth Resource Group in Santa Fe, NM have a special focus in establishing labyrinths at schools. We have had great success in Santa Fe and have developed and produced a book and DVD which has been used by many labyrinth groups around the world to help them to do the same. It is called "Kids on the Path".

      We have invested significant time and our limited resources in this excellent guide and would like your help to get information about it into the hands of people in labyrinth organizations and schools who may be interested.

      It can be ordered on our website with PayPal and shipped directly. For more info about "Kids on the Path" and info about our organization and events, please go to:


      Please forward.

      Thank you and blessings on the path,