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7621Re: The blood belongs to God

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  • Arijah Ankh Khalid
    Jul 18, 2009
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      what the HELL does this have to do with sacred landscapes?
      just gets on my nerves so bad to see people vomiting religion everywhere they go.

      completely inappropriate.

      --- In sacredlandscapelist@yahoogroups.com, "Daniel N. Washburn" <danw@...> wrote:
      > Let us for a moment assume that the passion narrative is pretty much
      > historically true. Jesus knew from disciples like Nicodemus and Joseph
      > of Arimathea, who were spies in the power structure, that there had
      > been a decision taken to kill him and later he knew that Judas had
      > betrayed him and was leading the authorities to him at a certain hour.
      > Because he believed that his death would be followed within days by the
      > resurrection of the dead and he felt God was calling him to do it, he
      > decided to sacrifice himself to bring in the Reign of God.
      > Hence he went up to Jerusalem predicting his death and the immediate
      > beginning of the resurrection.
      > The expulsion of the money changers was a deliberate provocation to get
      > the authorities to arrest and execute him.
      > At the last supper he knew about Judas and said one of you will betray me.
      > He knew that Judas would come to Gethsemane at a certain hour, hence he
      > says the one who is going to betray me is coming now.
      > He did not defend himself at the trial because he wanted to be executed.
      > He predicts the destruction of the temple. He doesn't say so but this
      > will be a part of the resurrection--God shifts from the Temple into the
      > hearts of men.
      > During the last supper he is saying I am the sacrifice--eat the flesh of
      > the sacrifice, drink the blood of the sacrifice. In the Temple the
      > priests eat the flesh of the sacrifice but only God eats the flesh and
      > drinks the blood.
      > He is saying the Holy Spirit lives in you now and in the Kingdom God
      > will live in you fully. My sacrifice whll bring about the destruction
      > of this world and the fullness of God in your hearts. I offer up my
      > body to the God in you.
      > I suspect that he thought his sacrifice would spare his disciples the
      > tribulation, the final period of suffering before the end of days--his
      > execution would initiate the resurrection of the dead.
      > My question is, why would he be so convinced that his death would bring
      > on the resurrection of the dead?
      > Any ideas?
      > Dan
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