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7620hi Dan, something silly, the Stonehenge pocket watch and assorted

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  • Nicky Skye
    Mar 1, 2009
      Hi Dear Dan,
      Victoria aka Nicky here, Vanya's friend and neighbor. Found your site written on a card buried in a box of undone paperwork. Excavated your link! That's contemporary archeology.

      Am so enjoying the conversation about the idea that Jesus was offering bread in the place of flesh in the sacrament.

      Came across this silly ad some years ago and it made me smile. Thought I'd share it here as a fun greeting: The Stonehenge pocket watch . An image  of it.

      I'm very fond of the art of India. Sacred geometry and the concept of sacred space (mandala) as part of an internal/external meditation practice interests me quite a bit. The wonderful symmetry/asymmetry of Sri Yantra  seems particularly Indian somehow. It can be conceived in a number of ways, such as this animation . My favorite visual is this simple animation.

      Adding some color biometric design concept, Colors for Health , that is an interesting art-in-motion idea.

      Adding a nice image of Machu Pichu  into the mix.

      A sacred geometry salad, or as they say in Hindi, a masala (spice mix).

      Cheers from Hell's Kitchen,