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7550Re: [sl] Pseudoskepticism [ was : Does Science Make Belief in God Obsolete? ]

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  • Daniel N. Washburn
    Jun 16, 2008
      Hi, Mike!
      Hi, Khem!

      Good to hear from you both. Both posts were interesting. I think that
      science vs religion is a valid debate but that a lot of
      pseudosckepticism creeps in and of course a lot of religious bias. We
      have been over this territory a lot and I have learned a whole bunch, it
      has altered my world view considerable. Epistemologically I think we
      have to accept the scientific method as our gold standard and judge
      paranormal/religious claims on the basis of the same rules we use for
      the various sciences.
      That said I think there is enough evidence to throw out the materialist
      theory of the world.

      Had an interesting thought the other day. It used to be that they said
      god is dead. Now I say that reality is dead. The mathematics is so
      complex that no one can have a valid picture of reality anymore. Since
      it is beyond our ability to understand it, there is no way to tell if
      supernatural entities exist or not. We don't know what is natural so
      how can we say that we know the boundary between the natural and the
      supernatural? Other worlds, parallel dimensions, the astral plane, all
      might appear in the math sometime in the future. (As I understand it
      string theory is already providing a peek into parallel dimensions
      across the branes that separate us.)

      I have to apologize to the list. I haven't been very available or
      involved for two reasons. 1. is my new six year old daughter adopted
      from Russia (6 mo and she is speaking english and even reading and
      writing some!). 2. is a set of fireworks in my brain about the
      historical Jesus. I have written a 7 page preliminary sketch which I am
      going to post to the list soon.

      Meanwhile, chatter away (though we can do without names like Troll).


      Khem Caigan wrote:

      >I see that our Troll is back and up
      >to his usual shenanigans, setting his
      >pigeons among the cats <yum>.
      >While we are on the subject of Michael
      >Shermer :
      >On Pseudo-Skepticism
      >A Commentary by Marcello Truzzi
      >Cors in Manu Domine,
      >~ Khem Caigan
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