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7545Globe Sound Healing Conference San Francisco May 2-5

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  • soundhealingcenter
    Apr 20, 2008
      The primary goal of The Globe Sound Healing Conference is to increase awareness among
      the general public in regard to the benefit of sound healing as a wellness tool. The
      Conference brings together an impressive array of industry professionals to address
      important issues and topics in the rapidly expanding field of sound healing, the use of
      natural sound healing instruments, cutting edge sound technologies, and sound in
      medicine. These knowledgeable veterans will discuss and demonstrate how to use sound
      to help heal the body, mind and spirit, and attendees will be able to experience these
      technologies. From simple relaxation CD's to complex engineered sounds and
      experimental medical techniques, each of our experts will be showing what makes them a
      leader in the field.      
      Some of the cutting edge sound technologies and medical equipment include: units that
      use the sound of the voice as a diagnostic tool, sound chairs and tables that use low
      frequencies to massage organs inside the body, units that use sounds, electronic
      stimulation, scalar waves, shape, color, electromagnetic frequencies, and magnetics to
      stimulate muscles, organs, bones, brain cells, and DNA. These units can also aid in cell
      regeneration, pain relief, detoxification, and increased energy levels. Other technologies
      include systems that infuse water with healing sounds, units that visualize the structure of
      sound inside the body, and Virtual Reality healing systems where you can step into a
      graphic of your own body then place sounds and healing visuals inside various muscles,
      organs, and endocrine glands.

      415 777-2486