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7498Re: [sl] time map of Korea

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  • wrayevelyn
    Feb 11, 2008
      --- In sacredlandscapelist@yahoogroups.com, SaraAnneC@... wrote:
      everyone seems to be hunkering down and doing a lot of internal
      > housekeeping. I know I am.
      > SaraAnne
      Hi SaraAnne,
      I think another reason the online groups are posting less is
      because of sorting and being. I know I have sorted out the online
      groups that were not serving a purpose anymore. That took me down to
      just a few groups ( four counting this one) and like snail mail we
      don't 'chat' everyday. The weeding out left me more room for the
      flowering ( within) as you pointed to.
      Also, confab's online only take a human so far. A person has to
      get out of virtual and into physical to wear their skin . Sooner or
      later one has to do the reality check and balance to see if the
      internet learning is going to serve your purpose.
      So, IMHO this sifting down with online groups is a very, very good
      sign in evolution.
      The Geodetic Center has it's first tour for 2008 booked next
      month. I am excited to take 100 guests or more to the 'Point of
      Beginnings'. The sacred center is on myspace if anyone cares to find
      it: www.myspace.com/geodetic_center

      The season of Spring is my favorite time of year. Soon....
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