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7496time map of Korea

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  • Chris
    Feb 11, 2008
      Hi everyone, how have you been? The list has been quieter than I've
      ever seen it (eight years or so). For my part, I seem to have capped
      my research on many of our fine topics. Instead I am devoting my spare
      time to improving my written and spoken Japanese.

      But while roving the net this morning, I came across this visual
      history map of Korea. It shows past cultural, religious and military
      centers along with many other tidbits of Korean history.


      I'd like to see more history sites make use of this type of display to
      engage folks in history. With respect to this list, I would obviously
      like to see more done along the lines of sacred centers.

      To achieve this, I wish a developer would design a "sand box" similar
      to what the above link does but which lets you, the user, define the
      paramerters, coordinates and data you want to demonstrate in your
      timelines. Sure the facts might be skewed to the myriad biasses at
      work in the world. But, heck! It is far more interesting and engaging
      than reading yet another dry text.

      Hope everyone is well. It seems the world is about to shed yet another
      skin. Or is it the same skin all over? Or perhaps our skin is crawling
      into a shed. haha.

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