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7490Re: [sl] Unusual memories after heart transplant

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  • TradTimber@aol.com
    Jan 10, 2008

      One of my teachers told us the following story:

           After her recovery, a woman who had a heart transplant suddenly developed a strong interest in motorcycles and chicken Mcnuggets. After checking into the story of the donor, it had been a young man on a motorcycle who had just bought chicken Mcnuggets at a McD, put them in his pocket over his heart and was hit as he pulled out into traffic.

           The point the teacher was trying to tell us was that we are unaware of the connections we all have on many levels and that putting a part of another's body into our own changes us and perhaps changes our paths. This was also at a time when some were advocating using pig hearts for humans.

           In a perhaps related topic, I read recently that the Electromagnetic Field of the heart is 60 times larger than the Electromagnetic Field of the brain.

      may the balance be restored,

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