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7452Re: Just who do you think you are, Jesus?

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  • Ambrose Hawk
    Oct 5, 2007
      More and more, I'm beginning to personally think that both St. John the
      Baptist and Jesus were highly influenced by the movement which gave rise
      to the Qumran community, whether or not it was "Essene" or not. They
      keep finding passages which almost directly correspond to what those two
      taught ... passages which the old redaction crowd kept saying they
      couldn't have taught because nobody else at that time was teaching it
      ... (wrong not only in fact but in logic, LOL)/
      I also personally think that there were customs, traditions, and even a
      textual variation between the "Gallileans" (many of whom had been
      Judaized by the Hasmoneans anyway) and the Jerusalem crowd.
      Can't prove that one at all, I'm afraid!

      PS -- I'm still searching, but we Cherokee as well as the Catholics have
      traditions of angelic beings descending to earth and thus consecrating a
      site ... the great Marian visionary enclaves, for instance ...

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