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7448Re: Just who do you think you are, Jesus?

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  • Ambrose Hawk
    Oct 3, 2007
      I've not been following the thread lately but ...
      one, the acclaim offered to Jesus on his entrance was supposedly excited
      by his resurrection of Lazarus, thus proving his claim of Messianic
      status in the eyes of the populace.
      Two no tradition of which I'm aware segregates this entrance from the
      general celebrations connected with Passover ... modern speculations
      about this are exactly that and unsupported by evidence.
      Three, the conjunction of the "save us, son of David" with the
      politically charged atmosphere of the Passover season fits as a
      motivation to take extreme action by the authorities.
      The feast at which he sneaked up to Jerusalem is mentioned in St. John's
      Gospel ... and is not connected to the Lazarus event nor to the


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