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7447Re: [sl] Just who do you think you are, Jesus?

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  • vincent beall
    Oct 2, 2007
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      --- vincent beall <theosophers@...> wrote:

      > --- danw888 <danw@...> wrote:
      > > Hi, Vincent
      > >
      > > Did a little Wikipedia research on the timing for
      > > the Entrance into
      > > Jerusalem. Seems to be associated with Passover
      > or
      > > Sukkoth, not
      > > Purim.
      > >
      > > Dan
      > Hello again Dan,
      > I hope I am mistaken but I very sure that it was
      > Jerusalem Purim that he was celebrating. He had the
      > day before the Jerusalem celebration, celebrated
      > Countryside Purim. You see there are two Purim
      > feasts.
      > First Purim is celebrated in the country then the
      > following day celebrated in Jerusalem, this for
      > security reasom; being that everyone is in
      > masquarade.
      > Vincent
      Dear Dan,

      I don't know what to say. I looked up the passages
      that I cited above, but I cannot now find them. I had
      meant to type that "I hope that I am not mistaken" in
      the post above, and it seems that I am mistaken in
      thinking that the feast in the country is cited just
      before the next days ride into Jerusalem.

      You might know where the passage is even though
      apparently it is not connected.

      It occurs late in each gospel and in it the disciples
      try to disuade Jesus from going to the country feast
      because they claim that he will be arrested by the
      Jews and futher they advise him, if he has to go to
      wear a disguise. He attends with out a disguise is
      very well recieved, and the scripture states, "no one
      said a word to him" 'concerning his impending arrest'.

      Do you recall such a passage?


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