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7443Re: [sl] Just who do you think you are, Jesus?

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  • vincent beall
    Oct 2, 2007
      --- "Daniel N. Washburn" <danw@...>

      > Aside from the spiritual content of his teaching,
      > which I think shows
      > him to be a great mystic, it seems to me likely that
      > he also believed he
      > was to be the human King in God's coming eternal
      > Kingdom, since he
      > fulfilled an OT prophesy of Kingship in his glorious
      > entry into
      > Jerusalem. There is also the fact that the Romans
      > posted the sign, Jesus
      > of Nazareth, King of the Jews, on his cross.
      > Dan

      When Jesus entered into Jerusalem dressed as King
      ridding on the back of the colt, he entered on the day
      of Jerusalem Purim. The Purim celebration is like a
      kind of Jewish Halloween where anyone can dress up as
      anybody the choose. Ordinarily one may choose to
      costume as a wealthy person. Since the purpose of the
      days celebration is to make a meal of the first fruits
      of the harvest and tro invite the poorest people of
      the community to the table for a good meal.

      So Jesus was cheered as he entered probably for many
      reasons. He was certainly making a sign that he was
      setting a large table to feed the poor, which seems to
      have gotten him a great bravo from the crowds.

      I believe in the Jewish sense it represent good
      natured playful activity in celebration of the first
      fruits of harvest.


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