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  • Dominick Carlucci
    Jul 6, 2007
      Sorta makes one wonder how many got married on 6-6-06 (666)? *EG*


      --- In sacredlandscapelist@yahoogroups.com, "danw888" <danw@...> wrote:
      > Here is an article from the Washington Post. Apparently Lucky 7 has
      > alot of soon to be married couples and gamblers in hot pursuit of
      > the goddess fortuna.
      > Lucky in Love? Couples Book 7/7/07 Weddings
      > Reservations Are Up For Auspicious Day
      > By Kendra Marr
      > Washington Post Staff Writer
      > Saturday, June 30, 2007; Page A01
      > It's unclear whether July 7, 2007, will be the luckiest wedding day
      > of the century, but it will certainly be one of the busiest this
      > year.
      > Hotels, wedding planners, caterers, florists and bakers are
      > scrambling to accommodate the flood of couples rushing to the altar
      > on 7/7/07. They're juggling more events than usual. Some are hiring
      > extra help. Old hands say the crush will exceed the number of
      > millennium marriages or those celebrated on a typical Valentine's
      > Day.
      > There are no official numbers for this day. But one indicator is
      > TheKnot.com, a popular wedding Web site. More than 38,000 couples in
      > TheKnot.com's registry are planning to wed next Saturday -- more
      > than triple the average number of couples that signed up to marry on
      > Saturdays in July 2006, said Christa Vagnozzi, a senior editor.
      > The date is popular for many reasons, as seven is considered an
      > auspicious number in a variety of cultures.
      > "It's a little extra luck for a happy, long marriage. Any little bit
      > helps," said Deepak Baskaran, 30, of Baltimore, who will be getting
      > married next Saturday in the District. "Plus I'll never forget that
      > anniversary date, or I'll be in big trouble."
      > In the Orthodox Jewish tradition, the bride circles the groom seven
      > times when she arrives at the chuppah, a canopy used in weddings,
      > symbolizing in part the seven days of creation. Seven candles are
      > lit during Kwanzaa. There are seven wonders of the world. The Big
      > Dipper is formed from seven stars. Buddha is said to have walked
      > seven steps upon his birth. The Islamic tradition involves seven
      > levels of heaven. The ancient city of Rome was said to be built on
      > seven hills. There are seven deadly sins, as well as virtues, in
      > some Christian traditions. And gamblers hit the jackpot with the
      > slot machine combination 7-7-7.
      > Triple sevens simply amplify the numerological meaning for those
      > tying the knot.
      > Brides and grooms snatched up wedding venues more than a year in
      > advance. Richard Markel, director of the Association for Wedding
      > Professionals International, did a survey of 2,000 hotels and
      > wedding facilities and discovered that 75 percent were already
      > reserved by December for 7/7/07.
      > "The good news is that nobody raised their prices," Markel
      > said. "They really didn't expect it."
      > One wedding planner managed to persuade a bride to get married seven
      > minutes after midnight when she couldn't book the triple sevens.
      > "There were a lot of brides who actually started looking to buy the
      > date from other brides," Markel said.
      > Las Vegas, the land of economical and impromptu weddings, is
      > particularly hectic. Travel Web site Vegas.com is booking about six
      > times as many hotel rooms as normal for that weekend. Some hotels
      > and casinos are touting "lucky" deals, such as a chance to win a
      > $777 meal and a mass wedding at 7 p.m.
      > --- In sacredlandscapelist@yahoogroups.com, "Dominick Carlucci"
      > <scorpio_eagle2002@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Listmates,
      > >
      > > Perhaps there is indeed something to the 07-07-07 phenomenon after
      > > all....
      > >
      > > I received an email this evening from a friend whose son's
      > birthday was
      > > some 2 weeks ago. However, due to the various schedules of his
      > extended
      > > family members, he has been trying to co-ordinate a date where
      > everyone
      > > could get together to celebrate, and only now has been able to set
      > the
      > > date for Saturday, 07-07-07.
      > >
      > > This would mean nothing, of course, if it weren't for the fact
      > that
      > > it's his son's SEVENTH birthday.......
      > >
      > > Dominick
      > >
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