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7376Re: 07-07-07

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  • Ambrose Hawk
    Jul 4, 2007
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      Well, I forget when 1 January became the "New Year" ... it used to be
      the Feast of Circumcision .... I forget where they've moved that to
      these degenerate days :)
      Anyway, this did not happen until after the calendar reforms of Gregory
      the Great.
      But ... the "new year" used to be 1 March, which several folks think
      used to be the Spring Equinox before the Calendar Reforms by Julius
      So, the solar points have moved 25 days, it seems since the foundation
      of the calendar system we use now.
      You must remember that Any Terran who lives in the Temperate Zones and
      doesn't spend his/her life indoors would soon notice the solar cycle ...
      so those and lunar timed events are world wide phenomenon ... nobody has
      to borrow, steal, or whatever from anybody else to get there! Moreover,
      everybody's celebration of these events will be analogous to everybody
      else's as similar events are occurring.

      Quibble, Quibble ...

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