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7254[sl] Re:Lost Tomb of Jesus -- new evidence

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  • danw888
    Mar 1, 2007
      Here is a page from Professor James Tabor's blog that deals with the
      Lost Tomb of Jesus evidence in a very even-handed fashion



      --- In sacredlandscapelist@yahoogroups.com, "danw888" <danw@...>
      > You know what I really want to find out is whether the bone-box
      > labeled Jesus son of Joseph has anything in it.
      > If there is something there, we can clone Jesus, bringing his much
      > needed talents into the 21st centruy.
      > I see a President Jesus along with a vice-president Jesus and a
      > House and Senate totally made up of Jesus. Not to mention Jesus as
      > the entire executive and judicial branches. Peace on Earth is
      > within our grasp.
      > Since Jesus is a liberal and the religious right would obviously
      > have to vote for him, I see no problem with electing and staffing
      > our gov with Jesus.
      > Once we have sufficient genetic material, any family that wants a
      > Jesus could apply for artificial insemination.
      > The entire human race could be upgraded to love their enemies!
      > Dan
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