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  • Virginia
    Nov 2, 1999
      Dear Mark thank you for your encouragement and wonderous sharing of your
      discoveries! it came at a good time and made my day. Virginia
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      From: Mark Swaney <mswaney@...>
      To: sacredlandscapelist@egroups.com <sacredlandscapelist@egroups.com>
      Date: Monday, November 01, 1999 12:01 PM
      Subject: [sacredlandscapelist] Black Virgin & genealogy

      > Thanks for the reviews you have been bringing the list I enjoy them
      >much. I have been moved to reply to your review of the Black Virgin book
      >because I have recently been revisiting the whole Holy Blood Holy Grail
      >theory. I read the book HBHG in the mid 1980's like everyone else. At the
      >time I considered the theory to be interesting but unproved.
      >almost all of what I have read about it since has been hugely
      >For example, a book that has been out now for quite a while called "The
      Tomb of
      >God" attempts to "solve" the mystery of Rennes by analyzing the geometry of
      >painting "The Shepherds of Arcadia" as well as other codes the author
      >are hidden in and around Rennes. I think the book is BS and is very
      >disappointing. I had the distinct impression that the author doesn't even
      >believe his own theory, but was just making a book that would cash in on
      >interested but gullible public.
      > That said, I also think that the subject of an "underground" quasi
      >religious movement lasting centuries - with or without the involvement of
      >Jesus's brat kids who may or may not have existed and who if they did exist
      >or may not have become the origins of certain royal families in Europe - is
      >very interesting and not a crank theory.
      > Another book I recently read is "The Bloodline of the Holy Grail" - an
      >obviously bogus theory that the Stewart/Stuart Royal Scottish family can
      >their roots to "The Grail Family" of Jesus and Mary Magdalen. I had
      >abandoned all thoughts of researching the HBHG hypothesis long ago. So why
      >I pick up this book? Strange but true - I have been doing genealogy
      >on my family and what do I discover? You guessed it - my family is
      >descended (on one line) from the Scottish Royal family. Terrible to have
      >bad blood . . . oh the shame of it all . . . to be related to a bunch of
      >mass murderers, and me an anarchist to boot.
      > So I did a little math. Lets see now, it was 23 generations ago that
      >last King in my line actually ruled a country. How many ancestors did I
      >23 generations ago? Say in the time of Robert III, King of Scotland?
      Well, a
      >good estimate is 2 to the 23rd power, or about 4 million people. But
      that's a
      >problem, cause in the time of Robert III, the entire population of Scotland
      >under half a million. Going back a little further to William the
      >another of my ancestors, we are in the 11th century and 30 or so
      >before me. How many people in Northern Europe (my gene pool) qualify as
      >ancestors of good old Mark Swaney? 2 to the 30th power is over a billion.
      >more than the population of the whole world at that time. In other words,
      >EVERYONE who lived in Europe before about the 14th century is almost
      >mathematically assured to be my ancestor. And yours. So I feel relieved
      >can now freely admit to Royal Heritage without the usual shame and
      > I would like to recommend to the list readers that they consider doing
      >family history if they, like me, feel the need to expand their "spiritual"
      >horizons without descending into stupidity and PT Barnum style new age
      >rip-offs. I got into it by accident about 4 or 5 months ago because I was
      >contacted by a cousin I haven't heard from in 30 years. He had already
      >quite a bit on my mother's family so I was moved to redress the balance by
      >researching my father's family. Genealogy research has been revolutionized
      >the interent and is no longer the purview of the aristocratic. In a matter
      >a few weeks I rescued from oblivion large portions of my father's family
      >history in America.
      > I have found this exercise to be very rewarding psychologically. I
      >been struggling with depression. And I have been looking for any tool, any
      >weapon to help me battle the demons that too often haunt my nights and
      >sometimes my days. I remembered the movie "Amistad" where the slave
      >to John Adams that his tribe believed that they could call on the spirits
      >their ancestors to help them in times of trouble. I cannot say what
      >specifically was it was about doing the research on my family that has
      >me. Perhaps its just the realization that I am not the only person in my
      >family that has made mistakes or been a failure at some point. Maybe its
      >seeing that most of my ancestors were ordinary but heroic people that
      >survived and flourished in tough times. Maybe the Africans are right and
      >knowledge of my ancestors grants me their powers. Who knows? But if
      >out there is battling the odds, or wrestling with the Face of Time in the
      >Mirror, I recommend a study of your family roots. You never know what you
      >learn about yourself, but the effort has been well worth it to me.
      >Mark Swaney
      >a.k.a. LUKE MURPHY - swashbuckling super-hippy who desolves the evil agents
      >the DOOM conspiracy with waves and emanations of intense and disorienting
      >contact-high . . .
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