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6855Re: [sl] The Nature of Morality

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  • Daniel N. Washburn
    Oct 11, 2006
      mikebispham@... wrote:

      > In a message dated 11/10/06 02:59:44 GMT Daylight Time,
      > danw@... writes:
      > In arguing about ethical relativism with Einar I have been saying
      > that
      > morality is genetically based in human beings. Here is a
      > development of
      > that idea. Some of the framework is taken from Jonathan Haidt’s
      > work on
      > the social pschology of morality.
      > You'd like Matt Ridley Dan. He explores this stuff from an
      > evolutiory perspective. look up The Evolutionary Origins of Morality.
      > Part of the value of this perspective is its explanatory power in
      > describing the evolutionary values and mechanisms of
      > the mono-mythological belief-systems that empower the elites. A
      > predisposion to belief in the gods is seen to be provide
      > as evolutionary advantage. The stories are social necessities.
      > Of course I think we (Europeans) have transcended the need for a
      > common mythology by replacing it with a common empirical rationality.
      > Mike
      Thanks, Mike, I'll take a look.


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