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6677Re: [sl] Not one but two souls

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  • mikebispham@aol.com
    Sep 2, 2006
      In a message dated 02/09/06 15:42:02 GMT Daylight Time, eeklon@... writes:
      --- mikebispham@ aol.com wrote:

      > Do great people have more souls that us lesser
      > mortals?

      Well perhaps Catherine the Great, Frederick the Great
      and Peter the Great might each have a couple more.
      I'm less sure of Ivan the Terrible and Vlad the
      > One of the chief sources for the modern (ha!)
      > concept of 'soul' is of
      > course Plato. here's a Wiki peice on his take:

      I'm curious. Are you are Wikipedian? Is this, or a
      chunk of this, Plato Piece Perhaps your handiwork? "
      No, just came up quickly from a search, and seemed about right, fit for purpose...
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