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6190RE: [sl] Re: How Darius Founded Judaism

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  • Mark Swaney
    May 2 1:32 PM
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      I am very interested in the texts you refer to from Ebla. Can you tell us
      some more about them? Where can I get some more information on them?

      I am studying the History of Judaism at this time - reading the huge three
      volume set "The Cambridge History of Judaism". It is a fascinating story
      and hugely important for the understanding of Western History in general.

      The first thing that I noticed about the Cambridge History is that they
      begin it with the return of the exiles from Babylon (about 537 BCE) to
      Jerusalem. They make no mention whatsoever of any events before that time.
      They don't even offer a chapter as to why this should be so. There is
      however, a chapter on the controversy in the ancient world on the lack of
      any reference to the Jews in any of the contemporary histories of the
      ancients - the Jews were disturbed by this and considerable effort was made
      on their part to try and tease out an ancient reference to their people.
      Apparently by Roman times the Jews were sensitive to the view of them by the
      other peoples and they wanted an ancient pedigree to match their stories.

      I have read about the lack of physical evidence for the Exodus from Egypt,
      but that was something that can be understood given the nature of the events
      - former slaves wandering the desert probably don't leave much trace after
      32 centuries.

      But that doesn't explain the complete lack of evidence for a violent
      conquering of the Canaanite towns such as Jericho. In other cases the
      evidence does back up Bible accounts - such as the assault on Jerusalem by
      the Babylonians in 587 BCE. However in that case there are other ancient
      sources that parallel the Bible.

      I'm not sure I buy the hypothesis that Darius invented Judaism. But it is
      an interesting theory.

      What is most interesting to me about Judaism is their belief that "History"
      is the result of the direct Will of God. Therefore if bad things happen to
      the Jews they have no choice but to blame themselves - because if they are
      "God's Chosen People" then God would never harm them unless it was to "Teach
      Them a Lesson". Apparently it was too much for them to figure that they are
      just people like anyone else and that they didn't have enough army to resist
      the various major empires of the ancient world.


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      Mike wrote:
      Moses sought to by-pass it by speaking directly with God, and obtaining
      his rules independently. A bit of good old magic works wonders for
      some sections of the populace.
      Many of the plainly mythical aspects of the OT come more or less
      directly from Ancient Sumerian stories.
      First of all, an awful lot of the first four books of the O.T. are
      clearly present in the texts found at Ebla. These texts are about as
      old as the Sumerian texts (Sumer had cuneiform first, obviously), but
      the legal structures and some of the ritualistic structures and many of
      the Genesis myths are clearly present as the native tradition along with
      comparable copies of the Sumerian myths as foreign stories.
      Even Sodom, Gommorah, and Salem show up in their tariff records.
      Lots of folks talk about one culture borrowing myths from another
      culture, when IMHO, a much more probable linkage is that some
      experiences tend to be endemic. Early cultivating cultures had a
      tendency to build in flood prone areas. When one adds the mess from the
      Black Sea inundation ....


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