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542[sacredlandscapelist] Re: Bio-Kinetics

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  • Barry Carroll
    Aug 1, 1999
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      mr page --

      i think bio-kinetics goes to the heart of the idea of
      geomancy and sacred architecture.
      i would clumsily define the first as the art of finding places in the
      which invoke a powerful emotional response.
      the second is attempting to artificially invoke a similar emotional response
      thru the skillful manipulation of space and of deeply resonant symbols.

      the theories relating to both of these arts interest me very much.
      i hope we will get a chance to talk more about this subject.B

      At 07:58 AM 8/1/99 EDT, you wrote:
      >The third way we respond to our visual environment is through a human
      >sensorial reaction process I term as "Bio-Kinetics". This is the most
      >difficult of the four processes to explain. One of the reasons is that its
      >effects are the least perceptible consciously, particularly by the untrained
      >eye, yet the effects of those actual influences are equal to or greater than
      >all of the other three response modes.
      >There are other paradoxical characteristics of Bio-Kinetics as well. It
      >usually is the most heavily used design tool by artists, designers and
      >architects, yet its actual working methods are rarely discussed, quantified
      >and perhaps understood. Often, the basis of its influences are passed off
      >opinion or fluffy aesthetic justifications, yet its foundation is instead
      >objective and essentially medical in nature. Also, access to the
      >library of tools, like those used in the initial stages of music
      >art and design, is usually through intuitive "flow" rather than through
      >rational steps of reasoning. Yet the workings of this influencing process
      >can be synthesized into working parts, like musical scales and notes, to
      >foster study and evaluation to help understand its nature.
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