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  • mikebispham@aol.com
    Sep 2, 2005


      Hi Marc


      It seems to me we can divide ourselves into two cultures – those trying to form beliefs that are well-rooted in fact and rationality; and those seeking beliefs that comfort and reassure.  That's not as mutally-exclusive as it sounds - for most of us there are times when our rationality in insufficient, or our faith falters.


      In broad terms though, the former have to do a ton of work – hard reading and analysis by study and dialogue - in order to sift the chaff from the wheat, or – an older metaphor – the gold from the dross.  The latter can simply drift in and out of different schools of thought, attaching themselves to whatever appeals, regardless of any need to discern any real sense of truth, of attachment to what is real. 


      Like many people, Dan tries to sit in the middle, to have it both ways.  He believes if he reads a bit (though uncritically) but meditates long enough and hard enough, the truth will crystallise in his mind.  (It hasn't happened yet.)


      We find what we feel to be his over-open mindedness irritating because it muddles, and interferes with, our efforts to understand phenomena rationally.  However, in the long run addressing his complaints will strengthen us. 


      Interesting you say ‘skeptic’ and ‘debunker’ have negative connotations!  To me to be skeptical is a crucial, fundamental part of the effort to understand myself and the world.  To debunk unfounded claims is a social duty : ) 


      ‘Open-mindedness’ is of course in the mind of the beholder, as it were.  As someone on this list once put it, the trick is to be open-minded, but not so open-minded your brains fall out! 


      Doubt on mate!




      PS I think I may have missed a cultural cue:


      >I was reading the National

      Enquirer a lot for laughs.


      I guess this mag is not known for its accuracy?



      In a message dated 9/2/05 8:57:25 AM GMT Daylight Time, marc.steurbaut@... writes:


      Skeptic guys aren't loved on the Internet, they are even becoming an endangered species. The name 'skeptic' itself has a negative connotation, as has the word 'debunker'. 


      The trend today is: believe without questioning. People want to 'believe', more than ever.


      Personally I have been banned from two groups because they judged me 'too skeptical'. They usuallly describe themselves as being 'open minded', but I'm still not sure what they mean by this.


      I think Mike's questions are the bare minimum if one wants to find out if the magnetic guy is 'genuine' or not.
      Geez Mike, not another skeptic rant.  Can't we get a laugh out of you,
      or even just a little smile?   The list is supposed to be funny as well
      as informative.


      mikebispham@... wrote:

      > Hi Dan

      > This is surely a red herring,
      but anyway...

      > a) What is your source?  Where does
      the attestation to mr magnet's
      > abilities that you provide come
      from?  (and what is its date)

      > b)  "Briefly
      said, he has successfully demonstrated his authenticity
      > to the

      > >"... so far has avoided a scientific
      inspection of Magola´s abilities)."

      > I don't think
      so!  Not until a papers detailing close experiments have
      > been
      published in a reputable journals, and its finding replicated and

      > Keep working at that bs filter Dan!

      > Mike

      > In a message dated 9/1/05
      11:32:06 AM GMT Daylight Time,
      > danw@...
      >     Here is a blurb on the Magnetic Man's
      >     The abilities of Miroslaw
      Magola are known to the most hard-line
      >     skeptics on
      both sides of the planet. Mr. James Randi, who has
      spent a
      >     large part of his life and a lot of money to
      de-mask paranormal
      >     phenomenon, does not dispute the
      authenticity of Magola´s talents
      >     (and
         so far has avoided a scientific inspection of Magola´s abilities).
      >     The
      >     American
      James Randi Education Foundation (J.R.E.F) has examined
      >     occurrences across the world.
      The author of this book has
      >     his talents under the scrutiny of such
      well known scientists as Prof.
      >     Abhaya N. Deva, Ph. D.
      Roland Charczuk, Prof. Dr. Dipl. Psych. Toni
      >     Forster,
      Prof. Alex Schneider M. Sc, Dr. U.E. Hasler, Nene von
      >     M. D. Jakob Boesch, Prof. Dr. Konstatin
      Korotkov, Dr. Paola Giovetti,
      >     Rainer Holbe, Dr. Serge
      Kahili King, Prof. Dr. Erlendur Haraldsson,
      >     Prof.
      Peter Mulacz, Edgar Wunder, Jack Houck, Elda Hartley, Prof.
      >     Ritch, Dr. Alexander Imich, M. D.
      Ph. D Barbara G. Koopman to name
      >     but a
         few. The prominent Russian specialist for Kirlian photography, Dr.
      >     Dobruskin, has photographed Magola’s bio-plasmic
      field during his
      >     demonstrations. Magola has also been
      the subject of countless
      >     interviews
         and has had his photo on the front page of the world-renowned
      >     magazine
      for paranormal phenomenon’s, Encounters.
      >     The
      European scientific community has also turned their attention
         to the
      >     unique abilities of Magola,
      especially Dr.Dr. Walter v. Lacaudou from
      >     the
      university in Freiburg. In 1997 Dr. M. Karger of the German Max
         Plank Institute examined Magola´s talents and Prof. Dr. Dr.
      >     Ruhenstroth-Bauer of the same institute has
      proposed to include
      >     Magola
      in his project.
      >     The authors’ rare gift is
      also well known to the public through
      >     television.
      Together with Uri Geller, the most celebrated
      >     on the planet, he took part in a live
      show for the British ITV on the
      >     subject of paranormal
      phenomenon. That show had over 13 million
      >     in the UK alone, TV shows with Magola have
      also been broadcast by SF1
      >     and Telebasel
      (Switzerland),RTL (Luxemburg) and PRO7 (Germany) among
      >     Briefly said, he has
      successfully demonstrated his authenticity to
      >     world.
         Daniel N. Washburn wrote:
      >     >Hi, Mike
      >     >
      >     >These aren't the pics that I was thinking of  but the best I
      >     >find.  I remember some really
      impressinve ones that I saw years back
      >     >when I was
      reading the National Enquirer a lot for laughs.
      >     >the validity value here is not
      >     >
      >     >http://www.magneticman.com/videoclips.htm
      >     >
      >     >Dan
      >     >
      >     >mikebispham@... wrote:
      >     >
      >     >
      >     >>In a message dated 8/31/05 11:54:06 AM
      GMT Daylight Time,
      >     >>danw@...
      >     >>
      >     >>"You remember pictures of magnetic people with all sorts of
      >     objects
      >     >>hanging from their bodies.  "
      >     >>
      >     >>    Haven't seen them, any
      idea if these pictures are genuine Dan?
      >     >>    Sounds _highly_ suspect to me : )
      >     >> 
      >     >>   
      >     >>   
      John-Brian Paprock wrote:
      >     >>
         >>    >
      >     >>    >New Structure Found at Ancient Ohio Site
         >>    >Tue Aug 30,10:56 AM ET
         >>    >
      >     >>    >
      >     >>    >Ohio authorities said a magnetometer, which can show
      >     >>    in
      >     >>    >soil particles,
      detected the structure below ground.
      >     >> 
      >     >>
      >     >>    Here a magnotometer is detecting under ground
      >     >>
      >     >>    You remember pictures of magnetic people with all sorts of
      >     >>    objects
         >>    hanging from their bodies.  Suppose
      >     >>    someone is born with
      powerful magnetic abilities (not as
      >     powerful
      >     >>    magneto in th ex-men,
      however!) Couldn't
      >     >>    they detect
      underground shifts in magnetic flux -- hence
      >     they
      >     >>    sense ley lines if ley
      lines are really magnetic
      >     >>    in
      >     >>
      >     >>    Dan

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