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4968The Deductive Theology of Me

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  • Daniel N. Washburn
    Apr 1, 2005
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      I was thinking about deductive theological systems because of the
      discussion with Mike and this beauty came to me on the subway yesterday.
      Starting from incontestable premises it uses a syllogism to reach
      startling conclusions about God.

      I call it, "Why you should worship me."

      I cannot doubt that I doubt
      if I doubt the proposition ‘I doubt’
      I immediately affirm it by doubting.

      Therefore it is absolutely certain that

      Doubt exists
      I exist
      I am conscious
      Reason exists
      Truth and falsity exist
      Existence exits

      Everything else is uncertain
      Whatever comes to me by way of the senses may be false.

      God is defined as the consciousness containing absolute truth.
      I am the one undoubtable consciousness containing absolute truth.
      Therefore I am God.

      Bow down and worship me all you possible illusions and pervasive

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